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This Forum will be about Health and Healthcare in the Philippines.

I have lived in the Philippines since 2000, and have experienced multiple serious health problems while I have lived here.

  • In 2001 I had a Stroke
  • In 2014 I got a life-threatening infection from an insect bite
  • In 2016 I had a heart attack and a Quadruple Bypass operation

I have learned how to navigate the healthcare system here, and I am happy to help others who need to do so.

Can you get good healthcare in the Philippines?

There is an old saying that "actions are stronger than words". I believe my actions speak for themselves. I did not travel back home to the United States when I had these health issues. I got care here in the Philippines. In each case, I got excellent healthcare. I was treated well, and my problems were solved. So, yes, I believe that you can get good, even excellent healthcare in the Philippines. I know that I have.

Health Insurance

Another important topic in this forum will be Health Insurance for Expats. We have brought on a person who will be our expert in this area, his name is LeRoy Miller. LeRoy is a former Insurance Agent, and he has done a great deal of insurance about health care available to foreigners who live in the Philippines. 



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