Earthbound Misfit Part 1

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I’ve filled up gas worth $3 before and later on, I put in worth $45 in my gas tank. I’ve asked for rides & given rides. I’ve got a house full of food & I’ve been without food. I’ve given people clothes & I’ve been receiving clothes from others. I’ve been in stores cashing out with no worries & I’ve also had to add it up & put it back. I’ve paid my rent in full to next year and there are times that I had to pay it late too. I’ve owned- sold & lost houses also. I’ve given money & sometimes I need to ask for it. We all have highs and lows in life, some certainly more than others, but we’re all just trying to make it. No one is better than anyone else, and I feel pity for those who think they are beyond or higher than others. No matter how big your house is, how new your car is, or how much money sits in your bank account – our graves will be the same size. Stay “HUMBLE” because you don’t know what other people’s backstory and what life may bring them.

Now, moving forward, The question in my mind is “Why I chose Philippines (or did it choose me?)” My answer goes like this, In the Philippines I feel more relaxed, and my senses are burned out, I survived in America but I’m totally alive here with my 12 yr old son John. And I can feel in my heart that he is proud that we are here.  We are blessed to be here in the land of smiles, hospitality, laughter, generosity, with people who are ready to lend a helping hand when someone is in need, they have great foods and many more!

How to Move to the Philippines Manual

I suppose I’m attempting to write this after I overheard some expats commentary about what they don’t like? Am I here to campaign ~ wishing they would poof TNT?

Why do hold the Philippines, the country and people in such high regard, praise and passion? Does my money got further here than in America ~ of course, but not as much as Thailand?

  • A haircut here $.80,- $20 there
  • Smokes here $2,-there $11/15
  • Cab~Grab here $2/6,- there $30/80
  • Lodging ~ depends on your lifestyle
  • Food~ same thing

But, if you’re not a big roller show off you can live like a rock star CHEAP!

But remember, the same thing goes like this; we earn a dollar we spend a dollar. Filipino earns peso, spends peso? So if one is not lucky enough to own a rented house but not paid while traveling that’s a mess! For me, I’m out of work for one and a half months with no income. Bills and utilities need to be paid and there is also property taxes insurance.

I also have my best friend and caring for my mother while I’m gone so I don’t have to pay an extra $4,000 or $5,000 for someone else to care for her. Without this I wouldn’t be here, I’d be stuck and my son as well.

I’m often asked why I don’t have a girlfriend or remarry? Perhaps I’m a bit gun-shy— And perhaps, if I do that, it would take away the experiences of total love in living here.

When times were good in the 80’s I could earn $30k a week~ mid-2000’s between $800-1,000 a day take home. Times have certainly changed and are much different now, to say the least? My last swim up the stream is my construction supply company in Cebu. That’s what I will leave behind along with the hilltop homestead in Busay.

I would also pray that I will leave the greatest legacy of good morals, integrity, fair judgment and honesty, humor and compassion and so forth for my boys. Although I am troubled deeply about my eldest, I pray he shall awaken into the man he deserves to be. I have little worries about John my youngest on how he will meet life straight ahead and held high. The only regret I have is that I’m not 40-50 yrs younger to have more time with them.


Patrick Duffey

The stories I have written about my observations in the Philippines come from the utmost respect for the people and the way of life there. The way the Pinoy can adapt to the hardest of conditions thrust upon them and still be humble in very proud people. I have written without prejudice to these newspapers and magazines without charging one peso, I did get cut off at the knees for my political views of “Erap” with his corruption. I did this not to get anyone angry. I did it so the people whom have forgotten how incredibly beautiful is there or maybe the ones who were not born there and not traveled there yet can get a glimpse through these balikbayan’s blue eye’s. I am not here to make political judgments or interfere with anyone else’s business. I went to the Philippines for the intentions of songwriting. I have been with such bands as Santana, Pablo Cruise, The Tubes, Joe Satrani, Martha Davis and Pink Floyd. Don't know who they are~~ look them up! This has been my life's work while working with bands I loved! I have toured and visited many places but never enough time to relax to get the feel, so simple songs in paradise should be trouble. The songs I intended to compose instead became my lonely planet journal. My heart got infected, and I wanted to give back some of this hospitality given to me by the worlds connoisseurs’. I am proud and privileged to have some sight, if only brief to what many foreigners will never see or feel. I hope that you have enjoyed the stories as much as I have writing them. God Bless to all. Sadly 9 yrs of marriage and two boys the marriage failed from both sides truthfully and I am looking at again to go back to the Philippines to set my heart free once more. Yes, the money is here but the freedom and love is where the heart is, and where mine is… in the Philippines!

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