I am what I am is what I am~ what you are…. Or what?

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The clouds dance for me

The air sings

How to Move to the Philippines Manual

The waters massage me

The people warm my heart

Nature is my eye-porn!

I wasn’t born here,  I betcha die here.

A very long time ago I left Southern California; I was still 15 years old then when I felt stagnant, unprogressive and hiked high to San Francisco. High unto the mountain peak, I was lost; I couldn’t get my bearings of north- south- east or west? I felt good, every time my eyes can see new, exciting, different and wonderful things! My mind was expanding and once it happens, I know I can’t retain its former shape.

I was fortunate when I am at the right spot, at the right moment during the time when I attended a free concert in the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park. I helped to unload a huge flatbed from the truck of musical gear. It turned out to be I was like Jefferson Airplane and was invited back to unload after the concert. At the right place and timing, I was really not a super tech, but I am just a bloke with integrity to help, to make things done and to complete the task.

This was my introduction of shaping my personality in becoming a road & stage manager and touring with the best bands in the history and leaving with Pink Floyd in 94. I was so blessed and fortunate!

So, going back in the year 1994, it is my first time to visit in the Philippines, I have almost the same quite sizzling energy. My eyes and all my senses coming back to life, what I see and experience is new, nothing dull and not the same old usual boring everyday stuff! We all have our own personal reasons for why we are here and decided not to go back from where we came from.

Why am I here? Probably the same reasons for any expat, tourist or foreigners from other countries, all we want is to be happy wherever we are? There is no perfect place, every paradise has a price and even in a castle, we can feel like a prison! It depends on what state of mind we have and our attitude on how we feel more blessed or another way around having our worst enemy to everybody that we’ve met for some reason.

My personal advice while here in the land of hearts that glow and smiles; is to keep your bad opinions to yourself, say thank you more often in the native dialect, smile and wave back, don’t be a nosebleed, be a joker here without disrespect, give high five without pulling out your sanitizer, walk and talk like an ambassador and campaign for this country’s people!

Come on and let’s get up, life is in the beach here & this island is LIFE!!

Patrick Duffey

The stories I have written about my observations in the Philippines come from the utmost respect for the people and the way of life there. The way the Pinoy can adapt to the hardest of conditions thrust upon them and still be humble in very proud people. I have written without prejudice to these newspapers and magazines without charging one peso, I did get cut off at the knees for my political views of “Erap” with his corruption. I did this not to get anyone angry. I did it so the people whom have forgotten how incredibly beautiful is there or maybe the ones who were not born there and not traveled there yet can get a glimpse through these balikbayan’s blue eye’s. I am not here to make political judgments or interfere with anyone else’s business. I went to the Philippines for the intentions of songwriting. I have been with such bands as Santana, Pablo Cruise, The Tubes, Joe Satrani, Martha Davis and Pink Floyd. Don't know who they are~~ look them up! This has been my life's work while working with bands I loved! I have toured and visited many places but never enough time to relax to get the feel, so simple songs in paradise should be trouble. The songs I intended to compose instead became my lonely planet journal. My heart got infected, and I wanted to give back some of this hospitality given to me by the worlds connoisseurs’. I am proud and privileged to have some sight, if only brief to what many foreigners will never see or feel. I hope that you have enjoyed the stories as much as I have writing them. God Bless to all. Sadly 9 yrs of marriage and two boys the marriage failed from both sides truthfully and I am looking at again to go back to the Philippines to set my heart free once more. Yes, the money is here but the freedom and love is where the heart is, and where mine is… in the Philippines!

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Luke Tynan
Luke Tynan

Wonderful article, and you captured my feelings as well. Thank you.

Rob Ashley
Rob Ashley

Patrick. I like your spirit. Great history travelling with those bands. -Rob

Arisia Matchka

Edie Brickell, aka Paul Simon’s wife (formerly of Simon & Garfunkel). Strange, she’s 12 years YOUNGER than me, and he’s 12 years OLDER than me…

Mike Matthews

Like I read po

David Haldane
David Haldane

Nice piece! And good advice, that I will try to follow.

Peter Devlin

Spot on, and great sentiments Patrick. Especially agree with your comments “smile and wave back” and “be a joker without disrespect”. We get so much from being here, but it has to be a two-way street. Thank you.


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