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Over the past few weeks, me and a friend of mine have been talking a bit about the States and Philippines. He’s from the Philippines and moved here tot he States about a year or two ago. We both used to play a lot of video games together and would often be in voice chat just hanging out. About a month ago, give or take, he told me that he will be going on vacation for a few months. He mentioned that he probably wouldn’t be able to play the game he loves too much anymore since the game was very dependent on ping. After a while, he finally told me that the place they are going on for the vacation was actually the Philippines. Just a quick side note, he didn’t mention where he was going because he didn’t want our friends in the Philippines to know that he’s gonna be there soon, he wanted to surprise them. It’s pretty well known that the Philippines could use a huge upgrade when it comes to Internet connections. Not only is it slow, but it’s also pretty unreliable. My friends in the Philippines will often chat in our group chat about whether or not they want to play a game that night or not, and one of the more common answers I see is “I can’t because our connection is slow tonight”.

Show Me The Money

Show Me The Money

Tagalog Buddy

Recently, esports or electronic sports, has become very popular. If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically professional video game tournaments. Some tournaments have huge prize pots, we’re talking millions. I’ve followed a few different games’ esports scene, games like CSGO and Lol. Why am I telling you this? Well, these tournaments are actually held in different cities around the world, and I really want to see the Philippines host one. The problem here being, the Philippines would have some trouble hosting one because of the infrastructure limitations. The way esports works, most of the views comes from online streaming sites like Twitch.tv, and only a very small amount of views comes from traditional media (in this case being television). Streaming isn’t a small task that any Internet connection can handle. You need a fast, very reliable connection in order to pull it off. And honestly, I don’t think the Philippines has such connections yet.

After a quick Google search, it looks like there is an esport event being hosted here. It’s a DotA tournament, and I’m really not surprised it is, since DotA is really popular here, to the point that I wouldn’t be surprised if it became the national sport lol. This just begs the question though, why aren’t more games considering the Philippines as a destination for esport tournaments. It could just be because some of these games aren’t popular here, so they would rather hold them at places where demand is higher. Maybe I should be happy with one tournament already being held in the Philippines, and by the looks of it, they don’t have issues with Internet… If only the rest of the country could have that good connection though…

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AJ Martin

Aaron Martin, also called "AJ," is the son of Bob & Feyma Martin. Aaron is a graduate at Ateneo de Davao University High School in Davao City, Philippines. Aaron was born in the USA, but has lived in the Philippines since age 3.

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Interesting Article.

My friend and I. Yes, a teacher.


Aaron Martin
Aaron Martin

Thanks 🙂


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