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Travel Around Mindanao

By Feyma | February 16, 2007 | 2

I think this is really the dilemma of a filipina wife before moving here. Worried so much about the safety of the husband and kids. I can understand the fear because I did experienced that before moving back here. I was also worried before because in the news they always said it’s so bad here in Mindanao. Don’t believe on what you hear on the news sometimes. Before moving back here Bob and I decided…

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Adjusting Here In The Philippines

By Feyma | February 10, 2007 | 15

When Bob and I plan on moving here in the late 90’s, I was the one that’s leery about it beeing Bob and the kids never experience the lifestyle of living here in the Philippines. When I confided our plans on moving here to my Filipina friends they immediately say “Are you guys crazy” or “Are you guys out of your mind”. Most of my friends are fearful too upon knowing that we are moving…

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How will you choose where to live?

By Bob Martin | February 8, 2007 | 15

As you can imagine, through this blog and my other blogs, I get a lot of e-mails from people who are thinking of moving here.  I also talk to a lot of other ex-pats who live here.  Often times, if you are in the mall or whatever, you see other foreigners.  Sometimes I strike up a conversation with the other foreigners, and some of the things you learn are fascinating. One topic that is always…

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How much is it to buy ____?

By Bob Martin | February 7, 2007 | 9

Let’s face it, a lot of the people who come from abroad to live here in the Philippines do so because the cost of living here is very low! Even knowing that things are inexpensive, I get a lot of people asking me for prices of certain products. Because of this, I want to list prices of various products here on this post, and you can compare them to prices in your locale. Yesterday, I…

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Hello Everybody!

By Feyma | February 5, 2007 | 21

Hi there my name is Feyma Martin, wife of Bob. I am going to tell you what’s my thoughts about living here in the Philippines, having lived in the States for 10 years. I do hope I would be of help to those filipinas that live abroad for a long time and thinking of moving back here. I was born in Patag, Malapatan, Sarangani Province. Studied my secondary years in Notre Dame For Girls in…

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Who am I?

By Bob Martin | February 2, 2007 | 9

A lot of times when I meet blog readers in person, they ask if they can know a little more about me.  I had never really thought about it, but I don’t really have too much information about my past on any of my blogs, so I thought maybe I should post something here. I am 45, having been born in 1962, I moved to the Philippines at age 38.  My first trip to the…

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More about Dengue Fever

By Bob Martin | February 1, 2007 | 0

The other day, I posted an article about the dangers from Mosquito bites, and how it was not Malaria that was something to look out for, but rather Dengue Fever. I just found this article on the GMA TV website about new cases of Dengue popping up in Agusal del Sur Province. The article says: Contrary to pronouncements by the Health department that dengue has been contained in Agusan del Sur, three new cases have…

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Gasoline is expensive in the Philippines

By Bob Martin | January 31, 2007 | 8

The cost of Gasoline here in the Philippines is still very expensive! I saw a news report that the average cost for a gallon of gas in the USA is now down to $2.09 per gallon. Let’s see what the equivalent cost is here in the Philippines. Here are the formula’s we will use: 1 Gallon = 3.785 Liters $1 = P49 So, one gallon of gasoline costs $2.09 in the United States. Gas here…

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What sports are popular in the Philippines?

By Bob Martin | January 22, 2007 | 14

If you are a big fan of sports, you are probably wondering what kinds of sports can you enjoy in the Philippines. There are a number of sports on TV here, but if you have a favorite sport that is not too popular here, the amount of time it will be on might be limited.  Let’s look at a variety of sports that you might be wondering about: Football (American Football):  There is American football…

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Schooling for the kids

By Bob Martin | January 16, 2007 | 23

For anybody with children, one of the major concerns when moving to a new place is the quality of the schools. Let’s face it, education is very important, and a good education is the only thing that sets our kids apart and enables them to get good employment as they enter adulthood. Because of this, giving my kids a good education was something that I looked into carefully before deciding to move to the Philippines.…

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Where do foreigners retire?

By Bob Martin | January 13, 2007 | 24

I get a lot of questions from people who want me to help them decide where in the Philippines they should retire.  What city is best for a foreigner?  Well, that question has as many answers as there are people!  Everybody is different, has different interests and desires vary from person to person. Maybe you are a person who likes a lot of privacy and quiet?  If so, maybe you would be making a mistake…

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Living with no connection to the outside world!

By Bob Martin | January 8, 2007 | 0

What will you do when your connection to the outside world is gone, and you are on your own?  It happened to me…. well, sort of. 😉 As most of you probably know, in the final week of December there was a pair of big earthquakes in Taiwan, and they severed two under sea fiber optic cables that link Asia to the Internet.  It really slowed the internet connection here in the Philippines to a…

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