Ever since I started high school last year, me and my friends have dreaded one particular period, scouting. Ever since experiencing it for the first time, I wasn’t that keen on starting this year. Last year, I estimate we did a total of 300-400 push-ups, most of them just because of small errors or being slow when marching, even because of laughing. It was, in one word, harsh. Even today I can feel my bones aching because of push-ups. We were even required a type C uniform (pants, senior scout t-shirt neckerchief with carabao slide). The only activity interesting enough for us to really remember was the Jamboree (some sort of march) which although was pointless, was still fun to do.

Yet all us second years didn’t fail to notice the changes in scouting this year. The biggest being scouting mostly about scout trail signs, and just recently, jungle survival. It was somewhat fascinating because they called in a scout ranger that served in different patrols and squads. Although most of us were not really listening because of boredom, I still got a lot of points about survival. We also have these sessions about the environment and all that stuff. After awhile of these things, we got back to the scouting world and did a rundown on the Jamboree again, talk about torture. And we were lucky enough to have our CSIP (Christian Service and Involvement Program) earlier this month and miss one session, yehey! But scouting is useful for something, it gets us active, gets the blood flowing and lets us get out of the classroom for a change.

Survival Cebuano

Also grade school scouting seems to differ greatly. During 5th grade, we had scouting and it was enjoyable, considering my group mates were close to strangers to me, only my best friend was the one I knew. The activity that I really loved during that time was day-camping, a short one day only activity where we were taught how the basics. Also the fact that instead of teachers for leaders, like in the grade school, we have student leaders. Another problem with scouting is poor communications, one topic this week is repeated a number of times. A common one is the forward march, a basic march, we must have bean taught how to do it a thousand times. I swear a lot of times when I get home from scouting my feet are numb with pain. Scouting also takes up one hour and fifty minutes of our schedule, wasted if you ask me, just tiring us out. I even had this friend last year who was a leader, I don’t know what happened to him but one day, he went up to me and said, “Kapoy man ang scouting oy, gusto giud nako mu quit ba.” “Scouting is tiring, I really want to quit.”, so I told him “Quit na didto eh, ubanan pa taka!” “Then just quit, I’ll even go with you!”, but he was scared, and just didn’t, but he didn’t attend all the meetings and just hid with our section during our scouting time, and when a leader finds him when there should be a meeting, he just makes an excuse not to.

So that’s basically scouting for us.

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AJ Martin

Aaron Martin, also called "AJ," is the son of Bob & Feyma Martin. Aaron is a graduate at Ateneo de Davao University High School in Davao City, Philippines. Aaron was born in the USA, but has lived in the Philippines since age 3.

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Nealin RI
Nealin RI

So scouting is a mandatory class there in school! In addition to scouting do you have GYM class or does scouting take the place of that? Seems pointless to make it mandatory if the students ave no interest in it.

David L
David L

Hi AJ, Great article! I am sorry you do not enjoy scouting, I guess it is a different world now than when I grew up and the kids today enjoy different things than what my generation did. I was a Boy Scout and loved it, it really developed my character, taught me many things about being a good person and influenced who I am today. My late father was also involved in scouting and it gave us a lot of bonding time that I look back on today. Scouting taught me to be a responsible citizen, taught me outdoors skills,… Read more »

Randy W.
Randy W.

David L.

I totally agree with you. I think the interest in scouting has just changed. Kids are more interested in Video games and computers now.


Hi AJ- At least your honest in your post. Scouting like any group activity requires self disapline and if you misbehave or do something too slow or not good enough you are punished. The idea is to put your heart and soul into what you do or suffer the consequences. It’s a prelude to life AJ the road can either be rough or smooth depending on how you view it. The fitter you become the easier it gets and the more enjoyable you will find it.
Good luck.

Bob New York
Bob New York

Hi Aj, Scouting may be different there from what I remember of being a boy scout here many years ago. Here, it was a totally different thing from school and was something you wanted to join along with your friends, well, most of them anyway. I can understand your feeling of why some things seem nearly totally useless and why waste the time learning them. I was like that when it came time to learn how to tie certain kinds of knots with rope which I still hardly know one kind of knot from another LOL. Then I remember the… Read more »

John Miele

AJ: Rebecca told me that while she was in school, that scouting was mandatory even for girls, but that girls were exempt from having to go to the jamborees. She liked the scouts though, and said it was fun. Same thing for the C.A.T. during her fourth year. I mentioned your article to her and she told me that scouting in the Philippines is something most kids don’t appreciate, but you will remember it fondly as a adult.


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