Should I Blame PLDT FIBR?


Fiber Optic Internet Service

I got PLDT FIBR Internet back in February of this year. My Internet speed on the plan is 100 Mbos, with unlimited data.

The service has been very reliable in my book. From time to time the speed slows way down (as low as 1 Mbps), but that is rare. When it happens< really don’t worry about it, because it always gets back to normal within a short time.  Usually, the maximum duration of this type of slowdown has been a couple of hours.

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These kinds of slowdowns only happen a couple of times per month, so I don’t have a huge problem with it.

Backup Internet

One of the reasons that slowdowns don’t really bother me much is because I always keep redundant internet connections. Sine Internet is my business, it is how I earn a living, having more than one Internet connection is important to me.

For my second Internet connection, I have a 16 Mbps SkyCable. This is a Cable Modem connection.

I have been using SkyCable for about 5 years or so, I guess. There have been bumps in the road with SkyCable. It can’t compare with PLDT FIBR in speed or reliability, but it is still pretty good. For a backup, it is fine.

The last 2 to 3 weeks

In the past 2 to 3 weeks, though, there have been two major problems with PLDT FIBR.

First, a few weeks back, on a Thursday, my Internet speed went down to 1 Mbps. I really did not worry about it, because as I said when this has happened with PLDT FIBR in the past, the speed was back to normal within a couple of hours. I switched to SkyCable and forgot that I was not using PLDT FIBR anymore. It was not until the next day that I remembered, and I switched back to th3 100 Mbps connection, expecting full speed again.


The speed was still 1 Mbps. I still did not get too upset and didn’t do anything. That was a mistake.

Should I be mad at PLDT FIBR?

Should I be mad at PLDT FIBR?

I called the PLDT Hotline on Saturday

On Saturday, it was still a poor connection so I called the PLDT FIBR hotline to inquire about the problem. I should have called on Friday.

The PLDT repairmen work on Saturdays, but I don’t think they work on Sundays. So, since I called on Saturday, they did not come until Monday. I do consider that good service, though. If I had called the PLDT FIBR repair people on Friday, as I should have, they probably would have been at my house on Saturday, I am sure.

Bad News

When the technician came to our house, everything looked good. Good news? No, that was bad, because, with everything good at location, they had to track down the problem elsewhere. They found that the reason that PLDT FIBR was not working was that a truck hit and broke our fiber optic cable up the road! That is why our Internet had been so slow and eventually stopped working altogether!

The Fiber Optic cable was replaced and everything was good! I was happy!

New Event this week

This week, it happened again! Not a broken PLDT FIBR cable, but the same results. Almost non-existent Internet. This time, though, PLDT FIBR and other PLDT services like DSL were out all over this part of Mindanao.

As it turned out, a road construction company was digging and cut a Fiber Optic cable! Service was out for 2 days this time.

Yesterday afternoon, the Cable had been repaired and speed was back to normal, 100 Mbps. To say the least, I was once again happy with my PLDT FIBR performance!

Am I mad at PLDT?

No, I am not. I don’t like it that service has had problems over the past few weeks, not happy at all. However, in both cases, it was no PLDT’s fault.

The first case, a truck that was oversized hit the cable running over the road (underground cables are virtually unheard of in the Philippines except in a few selected areas).

The second case, a different company not related to PLDT caused the problem.

I consider these isolated incidents I don’t consider it to be a reason to be upset with PLDT.

PLDT FIBR is the best internet I’ve ever had in my life, including in the United States. So, I will be patient when these kinds of incedents happen. And… I’ll hope they don’t happen again!

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Bob Martin

Bob Martin is the Publisher & Editor in Chief of the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine. Bob is an Internet Entrepreneur who is based in Davao. Bob is an American who has lived permanently in Mindanao since May 2000. Here in Mindanao, Bob has resided in General Santos City, and now in Davao City. Bob is the owner of this website and many others.

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Alex Mooney

Well internet in the USA is pretty good now. I live in a place considered “Developing” maybe even rural but I can’t complain about the internet right now. Yes I was also on the PLDT 100Mbps FIBR internet in Masbate where I lived for the last 3 years or so and didn’t have any real complaints. For everyone else FIBR is definitely the way to go if you’ve got it in your area.

John McSweeney

Looking forward to it becoming available in my neighborhood.

Steven John Gonzalez

Nelly Lopez

Elsa Heart


Mark Shumate

This is my internet provider here in South East Asia

Mark Shumate

It is okay service but sometimes it just gets real slow it is not very good to upload videos on YouTube it takes two days for one video


Mark, those must be truly gigantonormous video files, on the order of tens or more gibabytes each. Might be worth the effort of recoding them on your local box and uploading a resulting much smaller version that still retains your video resolution. Alternatively, could the problem be _not_ your link but your target (YouTube)? Don’t know but worth checking. Do you have the same issue simply ftp’ing your sample file everywhere else?

Mark Shumate

I loved my American provider better high speed internet access in America so much better than Philippine internet


When I first moved to Manila in 2001, I connected with state-of-the-ard V.32 14.4KB modem, to my first Pinoy friend who just happened to operate an ISP there. (That’s 12.4 Kb with a K – wow that was so incredibly fast back then, though not Mb or more like today). From there, moving to what was then ‘the province’ (which recently seems to have been incorporated into Metro Manila) the only choice was 5000+peso/month 50Kb (ostensibly) wireless link. Worked half-way about half the time. I paid them half accordingly, suggesting that considering the facts and lack of contracted service they… Read more »

Max Woodside

Thanks for this, Bob. PLDT FIBR has been a lifesaver for me. I teach 7 classes a week, and I was pulling out my hair trying to find decent internet service. When PLDT gets bad, I call them. They have been responding well to calls so far.


I think that PLDT Fibr is one of the best things to become available in Davao City since unsweetened wholemeal bread. For an extra P.300 per month my download speed has increased from 8 Mbps to 54 Mbps and the upload speed from 0.76 Mbps to 26 Mbps. The thirty-fold increase in upload speed is a real boon if you have a lot of pictures or video clips to upload to advertising sites and the like. However, I’ve not only experienced a few days with no internet through no fault of the PLDT but also periods of three days and… Read more »


Wow! ‘unsweetened wholemeal bread”, how wonderful that would be! We may have fiber internet service here before 2020 rolls around, long before one can buy “unsweetened wholemeal” fiber rolls at any bakery anywhere reasonably around here. Then I can faster download and salivate all over pictures of Good Bread Real Bread, lacking but fondly remembering the real thing. Some people really do mercilessly tease us living outside their haven.


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