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Animals are undoubtedly comforting when you have them at home! That’s what most Filipinos actually do. I guess there are only a few households in the Philippines that don’t have pets at home. Personally, we actually have plenty of cats in our house. Well, that is because I love cats a lot.

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Cats are adorable in so many ways. Their fur gives comfort to humans when they try to cuddle with their owners. It makes them cuter that way.

Do you love animals as well? And do you also find cats comforting and cute at the same time? I bet you have your own favorites also. Filipinos love pets a lot, I hope you love them as well.

Visiting the Philippines, you can see how amazing the animals are. They are not just seen in the households and just remain as pets. They are creatures of many uses though. Any person seeing how these animals work will surely be amazed because of how much they can help their owners earn a living!

Animals are not born to be just animals. They can be of great help to every human. Try having some animals at home and train them yourselves. They will surely be of great benefit to you. And when you come to visit the Philippines, don’t forget to see how amazing the animals are. They will amuse you in so many ways!

Bob Martin

Bob Martin is the Publisher & Editor in Chief of the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine. Bob is an Internet Entrepreneur who is based in Davao. Bob is an American who has lived permanently in Mindanao since May 2000. Here in Mindanao, Bob has resided in General Santos City, and now in Davao City. Bob is the owner of this website and many others.

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Like you Bob, I am a cat lover and totally agree with your comments. We own two cats and they are very much part of the family..It is common knowledge that cats are far more intelligent than dogs, and felines have developed the art of getting their own way. Cats don’t bite, bark, sniff posteriors, and slobber all over their owners as dogs tend to do. Cats are also known to be very independent, more so than their canine counterparts.

Bob Martin

I have a cat and 2 dogs (used to have 4 cats). I like both, but I love my cat the most. LOL


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