Vacationing around the Philippines

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Underground river Palawan

Underground river Palawan

Since we were first engaged and then later married, my wife and I have visited many places here in the Philippines with many more that I want to see and in a few that I would like to return and see more. I think that this is driven by my desire for adventure and to see new places and experience new thing. And this desire to travel with my wife at my side has given her a taste of the travel bug also. So we both share in wanting to explore and see new.

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Over the past 11 years, we have walked hand in hand to see many beautiful places either just her and I or with her parents and sometimes with her brother and his family also. And every trip I think has been great, even when we had a break down returning home once for several hours. They have all been good.

But the high spots of our travel in my mind is our 2 trips to Davao, the trip to Palawan, the trips to Camiguin Island and Bohol, as well as the trips to Vigan and Tacloban along with Manila and Cebu and Tagum. Many of these sites bring back wonderful memories but also some not so good that have to lead to lessons learned.

The biggest lesson I have learned is to be careful where you eat and what you place in your mouth. While on the trip a few years ago while in Tacloban we went into a restaurant for dinner and I eat fresh tomatoes and a few were green. I knew better than eat uncooked food. The next day returning home while on the boat back to Surigao I started to feel bad. By the time we landed and everyone was having dinner before we drove back home (4 to 5-hour drive) it hit me. I became sick, bad sick. I emptied my stomach so many times that I was unable to think, I just wanted to sleep but could not. Katleen and her mother took care of me worrying the whole time and I am sure they thought I should go to the hospital. Well, we got home and I got to sleep in my bed. In the morning I said ok let’s go to the hospital and I ended up being admitted for extreme dehydration. So I spent the night and then took a week or two to recover. Lesson learned the hard way.

But I still remember Tacloban that has risen out of ruins caused by a typhoon and each of the other places we have been with wonder, be it the Underground River at Palawan, the Tarsier’s and the Chocolate Mountains of Bohol, Vigan (a Heritage Site) that we had so much fun visiting. Our trips to Davao and the Eagle Sanctuary plus the Museums along with shopping in Manila and the sites of Cebu and the beach at Tagum, add to this the Hot Springs, Waterfalls, Soda Springs and Cold Springs of Camiguin and the other wonders of that small Island. So many places seen and so many yet to visit.

Awaiting for our next adventure, just not sure where yet. But I am sure we will find our next place to visit soon…

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I am almost 71 years old, I retired in 2013 from Adventist Health where I was the Director of Corp. Department of Clinical Engineering for 18 of their Hospitals and my wife and I moved out of California and went to our home in. the Philippines. Over the last 5 years we have had many adventures here in the Islands as well as the world. Relaxing and enjoying life and each others company.

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MaryJane Maglangit
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson

A very insightful comment MaryJane.

Peter Devlin

Very interesting article Luke. I’ve traveled around quite a bit too, but it sounds like you’ve seen more of Davao than me, and I’ve lived here 6 years!. I don’t travel round that much anymore but you’ve given me the travel bug again!! I symapthise completely with your experience health wise. Several years ago I went on holiday to Palawan, but felt unwell even on the plane from Manila. After a few days of sickness and LBM I felt better, so I traveled north to a remote island. It was a mini paradise, but the second night there I got… Read more »

Luke Tynan
Luke Tynan

Peter, Oh may, I had that back in 1971, when I was stationed here with the Navy. I know how bad that is.. I felt that I had to get better to die.. Glad you are OK.

Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson

I Left the Philippines to visit my family in Massachusetts in 1996, my 4 brothers and I took a trip up to Kennebunkport Maine where I spent three days in a Hospital from bad clams. It can happen anywhere. But over my time here since 1994 I’ve traveled a lot, Palawan underground river is a favorite, even those giant lizards that stole my food.
I’m also 71 and because of medical conditions my traveling days are over. You can never experience too much of the Philippines, so you enjoy those trips.I very much enjoyed your article.

Luke Tynan
Luke Tynan

Thanks Paul. Take care..And I know. I have had bad food several times when I was traveling for work.. But not like what happened to me on that trip.. But I learn and am more careful where I eat and watch what I eat also..


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