A weekend routine!

I’ve been going to the market every weekend lately. Really ever since our wash lady quit working due to she has to take care of her grand child. Before she quit she used to go to Bankerohan almost everyday. As you know to get the fresh fish and the veggies. But since she quit we don’t have many people here in the house that go to the market everyday. So me and my niece go to the market with the maids every weekend, to buy our veggie and meat supply for the whole week. Sometimes we go there early Saturday or early Sunday morning. It really depends on when we wake up early.

Two consecutive weekends ago Aaron went with us. It is much easier to have male companion to go there, at least somebody will carry the heavier stuff. The kids are not really a fan of going there. As you know the wet market in the Philippines has the tendency to have some smelly odors. But he had been kind enough to accompany me, my niece and maid to the market. What he does was just put his cell phone with MP3 on and just didn’t worry a thing and just follow me there where ever I shop. We went to the Bagsakan area (where they drop off fresh veggies from the mountains) for our veggies. It really is fresh. Just came from Bukidnon area. We like to buy the big potatoes (hmm not as big as Idaho potatoes though), onions (red & white) good for onion rings, beans, celery, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, green onions, and many others.

Veggies at the Market
Veggies at the Market

One time when we went to buy the onions. The table/stall was loaded with people. When time for me to have my onions be weighed, the sales lady asked me if Aaron was a mestizo (Fil-Am) I answered her yeah. I could tell she had a sparkle on her eye. I guess she kept staring at Aaron the whole time when we were at her stall, and continued on when we moved to other stalls. I didn’t tell Aaron that he had an admirer there, he might not go with us there again. Really when we went to the veggie section, meat section or the fish and the fruit section some people were looking at him. I just not make a big deal out of it because knowing Aaron he will not go back there again if I said something. I like it when he goes with us, it is easier for me to roam around with the lighter load in my hand and he had the heavier one. 😉

At the Market
At the Market

It’s really nice to go there so early in the morning. Almost everything that’s being sold there is so fresh. Now we like to buy the meat like the beef tenderloin. It’s way cheaper there than the supermarket. I bought just a small amount last week of the tenderloin, I aged the meat in the fridge for 4 days, I cooked it after 4 days and the meat was really super tender and just so good. Slowly I will try other cuts of meat from there and just age the meat at our fridge. My niece also bought other cuts of meats from beef and pork for Filipino soups thing. It taste good too.

One place that we usually go there too was a place for Filipino delicacy (kakanin-snacks). They make good snacks food there. It’s really a family business. They only sell the snacks during weekends. The dad told us that his son cooks all the foods, so him and his daughter were the one selling it. It really helps out for the schooling of his kids he said. I think they also owned farm lands. I like to buy there to support them. Last week the son that cook all the foods was there. We were talking to him a little bit, the whole family seem nice people. I have to see next time we go there if they had a sign/name at their stall. I didn’t notice it though. I must have overlooked.

We also bought a whole tray of good sized eggs there with the lesser price of the egg we bought here at our sari-sari store. Since we like to bake and use a lot of eggs here in our house, it’s wiser for us to buy eggs there at the market. We already had a suki (place to buy a lot) there. They already know what eggs we want to buy. We also like to buy a good kind of rice there as well.

Its really is fun to go to the market. Lots of good stuff to see and lots of new people to mingle with. I might bump with one of you there too.

Happy shopping!

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Feyma Martin is a Columnist here on the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine, she is the wife of site Publisher, Bob Martin. Feyma is originally from the Philippines, but went to the USA for 10 years after marrying Bob in 1990. Bob & Feyma moved to the Philippines to live permanently in 2000.

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  1. Don Russell says

    Hello Feyma,

    My mother inlaw has had her purse ripped out of her arms twice at this market. So be carefull.
    She loves to go there also but from now on there will be a few people with her.

    Don R.

    • says

      Hi Don R. – Luckily it didn’t happened with us and I didn’t witnessed anybody had problems there. I’ve seen government officials early in the morning checking the weighing scales of the vendors there if it’s correct. Maybe the bad guys knows now that government officials will be there early morning.

      But in spite of that everyone that goes everywhere should be very careful. Keep an eye on your stuff.

      Thank you so much for the advice and comment.

  2. says

    Sundays are my day to roam about at the marketplace in Lapu Lapu, since I’m on Mactan. Although I usually go after midday heat and stop first at the church to enjoy some quiet, away from the traffic, there on the nice grounds. Then I’ll make my way to the marketplace where I’ll shop for mostly fruit since I make lots of fruit juices at home. I also like the alley-ways where I can get fresh lumpia and pancit with rice. Crowded, but good. The ‘lechon’ area is my other favorite. Some coconut juice, maybe a dvd-movie, get my fruit and it’s a nice way to spend my Sundays. :)

    • says

      Hi Henry V. – Same here Sunday’s really the market day. Lots of good stuff there. We just like to go there early morning. I saw some lechon too here at the market. I like to buy fresh lumpia wrapper in the market not lumpia made.

      Good fresh fruits were plenty there in the market. Buko juice is really good too.

      Have fun going to the market. Good to see you here.

  3. petejoy says


    the market is one place i dont like to go to a lot as the smell off the fish and meat is somethink i dont like ok but my wife joy get most off the food from there as it is so cheep and from time to time i will go with her as the one we go too is on the way home so if we go in to town it is the last stop on the way back as i spent 10 years working on the kill floor at the meat works here and on the manland but the smell there is no the same as it is in the markeds ok is it just me or do every one the same this i ask here ok i think why as it is so hot undeer the roof and that dont help at all ok lol what do u think mate…….peter martin tassie….

    • James Ogle says

      Markets never have bothered me. When we were in Butuan 3 weeks ago we went to the market there a number of times. It was a really nice market and well run with wider aisles, still tight for my frame, than the old Olongapo Market from before Pinatubo. The fish there were right off the boat as well. We got some great Tuna and Mackeral. The gulay, vegetables, were all fresh and tasty.

      What really suprised me about the markets now is that almost everything is priced. Fish, meat, gulay it all had a sign with a price on it. Butuam, Cubao, Olongapo, and Padilla Markets were all like this. No more, “Mercano?”. Of course my wife still would haggle. I wasn’t following the negotiations closely so I don’t know what kind of deal she got.

      Question Feyma, are the marked prices set in stone or is there some room for haggling? I used to get a kick out of the horse trading for a good deal at the markets. I was more interested in finding a good assortment of fish for dinner than the price since asawa ko had the funds in her wallet.

      • Feyma says

        Hi James Ogle – Are you living here in the PI or just visiting? In our market the aisles were pretty big enough for a few people to be standing with customers in both stalls. Got good tuna here too from GenSan. Very fresh.

        Most of the meats, fish and veggies have prices here. I will bargain hard sometimes, I think Pinoys like to do it. Theirs always place for bargaining. For me if I felt that they are not so open for bargaining I will move to a different stall and sometimes I will get what I wanted or sometimes we will meet in the middle. No problem there.

        Lots of different fish here too. Good to grill.

        Nice to see you here. Thank you for your comment. Have a wonderful day!

        • James Ogle says


          We were just visiting and laying the ground work for moving back. It had been on an 10 year plan but we might be condensing that to a 5 year plan or even less. I noticed that most of the markets are more open now than I used to remember. Cogeo in Rizal was still kind of tight but it wasn’t as new as Olongapo or Butuan. Cubao seemed old but was almost like an outdoor mall. Easiest the biggest market we went to. Padilla was nice because it was basically a street market through part of the barangay.

    • Feyma says

      Hi petejoy – I know what you mean about the smell, have to get use to here though. Every time we pass by the market theirs time that it had a bad smell. You know what when Bob and I watched travel TV and seeing the places that they featured and the market there was just so spectacular and so clean I really envy there sometimes. But can’t change the Philippines. I love this place too. Just have to get used to it and move on. Lots of good stuff here in our market too.

      Good to see you again here mate. Have a great weekend ahead!

  4. dine says


    Even if we have helpers, my husband and I love to go to the the fresh market every chance we have. It is almost a treat for us. I think we are kind of immune to the smell. My favorite is the vegetable stand and fish section. There are always a lot of fresh fruits, meat and fish to choose from. We never run out of choice. I love to go there very early in AM, then pass by our favorite bakery to get some fresh pan de sal. My 500 pesos ( 12 dollars) will go a long way. I can feed the whole family of 10 people the whole day with this amount. Then after the palengke, we go home and have the helpers cook for breakfast. Since we live near the sea, we take our walk for 30 mins then go home. The breakfast is then ready on the table and fruits cut up for our dessert. What a wonderful life if you just will ignore some imperfection. This is why I like to always dream about retirement in the Philippines.

    • Feyma says

      Hi dine – Can’t argue with your description here. As always we said here in our site just try to be happy and have great life here.

      Hey I’m looking forward on hearing the time when you guys retire here for good though. I think lots of stuff you can share here.

      Enjoy your stay here. If I remember you’re studying here. Just can’t remember what city you are staying.

      Anyway, good to see you here as always. Thank you for your nice comment. Have a good weekend ahead!

  5. dine says


    This is about haggling….My husband and I one time went to China town in Davao to get some knock off bags to take with me back to USA…SHHHHHHH…….DON’T TELL ANYBODY. Anyway, while walking along the aisles my husband wanted to buy a pack of socks that was displayed. I think the MERCHANT was selling it for 50 pesos for 3 pairs. I told my husband he just have to wait because I will start haggling… Then I proceeded to haggle ..the price I offered was 40 pesos. The fellow said no…then I offered 45Pesos….the fellow said yes! I was so happy! Gosh!!!!! I gained how much????? less than a penny? My husband just had that smile,I know what he was thinking. I just want to teach him a lesson. You have to haggle to survive in the Philippines….anyway,the conclusion of my story I have agreed to pay 50 pesos. I think I just want the feeling of excitement of haggling. This is a Filipino thing that you can’t take away. The art of HAGGLING!

    • Feyma says

      Hi Dine – Sorry, I read this message after I responded to your first comment. Now I recall that you’re studying here in Davao.

      Hey, we are good in bargaining. Can’t help it. Like it’s in our blood already. Bob was really amazed when we used to live in the States. I bargained hard for a good piece of furniture. The salesman gave it to me for the price that I wanted. It was not a cheap furniture too. Anyway, like you said it’s a Filipino thing. Ha ha ha…

      Are you still in Davao? Maybe we could meet up and have coffee sometimes.

      Have a great day!

  6. sugar says

    He he, does Aaron know how to drive, already?? Pretty soon, he’ll be the one bringing you to places and wherever you need to go.. ^_^

    • Feyma says

      Hi sugar – Not yet. I wish he is already. I think before he gets his 18th birthday he want to drive. At 17 I think they can get student permit. He is eager to learn how to drive, even Jean wants to learn too.

      Yep they will be my driver soon. :-) lol

  7. Mark G. says

    I love going to the market with my wife but I think she doesn’t like me to accompany her because in the province I attract too much attention and maybe drive the price up too, lol. The fresh foods and good prices can’t be beat!

    • says

      Hi Mark G. – I used to not letting my kids go with me in the market. But I’ve seen that the vendors there at the market had signs in the products they are selling so it’s pretty safe for me to tag along my boys. But if I go shop for ukay-ukay nah not bringing them. The price will definitely go up.

      ***”The fresh foods and good prices can’t be beat!”*** Yes I agree with you for sure on that.

      Good to see you here as always. Have a good weekend!

  8. mike coyne says

    Hey Feyma,

    Has Bob ever tried fishing in the PI. I remember when we went together to Vancover Island and caught salmon and ling cod. Good times! I find it fun to read your posts and remember the time we had together. Glad you all are doing so well.

    • says

      Hi Mike – Good to hear and see you here Mike. How’s everything going with you and family? I hope all is well with you. Nope Bob didn’t go fishing yet here. He didn’t find any chartered fishing boats here. He was really missing the time when you guys went to Vancouver Island and also at the Oregon Coast. It was really fun bonding with you and Reina there. I really miss those days. Hope you guys can swing by here in Davao whenever your family ever visits the Philippines again.

      Great to see you here Mike. Hello to Reina and your 2 girls. Take care and God bless!

  9. Philip says

    Good Morning Feyma and Bob and family,
    great article Feyma what a wonderful market you have there full of fresh itmes it looks great. Feyma could you please do me a favour and explain what this means in English my friends sister wrote it whilst I wast talking to her the other day I am not sure what it means in your language , ” sumbagon teka ”
    Kind Regards

    • says

      Hi Philip – Thank you so much. Just got home like an hour or so ago from the market.

      ***”sumbagon teka:***-means – “I will punch you”… Was the person just joking?

      Good luck and have a great Sunday!

      • Philip says

        Good Afternoon Feyma,
        thank you so much for answering my question, perhaps she was joking has she is the youngest sister and she jumps on the computer when I am talking to my friend over there, but my friend said when I asked her what did it mean she said it means you are handsome LOL. I hope she was joking I will have to investigate that one, Perhaps Feyma I may be able to visit you and Bob soon as I hope to get there this month finally. My brother has enrolled his daughter in Cebu so he likes it there. take care
        Kind Regards

  10. AKLAN HEAT says

    Hello Feyma,

    Looking at those good-looking vegetables and looking so fresh I bet I could cooked a mean pinakbet out of those veggies you got pictured there. Yum! Thank you!

    • says

      Hi AKLAN HEAT – So true… Good recipe you are talking about to. My helper makes pinakbit once a week. I really like the taste of it. You’re right it’s yum!!!

      Thank you for stopping by here. Have a wonderful day!

  11. PapaDuck says

    Mrs Feyma,
    We will be doing majority of shopping at Markets when i retire there. Especially the fresh fruit, veggies and fish. Love fish cooked on grill, especially since it is good for you. Thanks so much for the good info. Have a nice day.

    • says

      HI PapaDuck – Good for you. Something for you to look forward to when you guys retire here. Are you guys living in the city or in the province?

      We like grilled food too, especially using charcoal. Just got home from the market, will be cooking some fish on the grill later.

      As always good to see you here. Have a great weekend!

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