Membership Shopping Philippines

membership shopping

Membership Shopping in the Philippines More players are coming online Membership shopping is coming of age in the Philippines. There have been membership shopping stores in the Philippines for years. However, in recent years the membership shopping scene is getting new players and better competition. I find that membership shopping stores offer a lot of…

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Damn It’s Still Cold!

Shopping at Savers Mart

Stuff just lasts a long time at “Casa Mayang” (My wife’s nickname) in 1998 we went to Ocampo’s Dept. Store in beautiful Downtown Olongapo here in Zambales Province, on the Island of Luzon. By the way, as it happens worldwide, with the advent of two new malls it was the death null for this very…

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It Just Will Last a long Time

Over the years I’ve written about how things you buy last forever here in the Philippines. I have no idea if products lasting that long is normal, or was it because I was single most of my life and moved before anything ever wore out. When I moved from San Diego CA. to Luquillo Beach…

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It’s cheaper in the Philippines, right?

Everything you might want to buy is cheaper in the Philippines, right? Well, I’m sorry to inform you, but it just ain’t so. Indeed, many things are cheaper here, but the truth is, many things are much more expensive here than in your home country, you can bet on that. For the most part, the…

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I Stopped Asking Why Part II

The ongoing saga of the Hot Water on Demand machine by Panasonic is over. First, as you read this it has been installed the hot water flows like…..well??? Water! First last week I didn’t mention that the model I wanted has a pump built in to raise the flow pressure. The water is supplied to…

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I Stopped Asking Why!

The Thompson Family Christmas this year went as smooth as every year prior thank you Mayang (Mrs. Thompson). My job is to provide ample money for all she needs and off she goes making a wonderful day for the family. But better for me because after my operation awhile back, and my cane use I…

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