I Stopped Asking Why Part II

The ongoing saga of the Hot Water on Demand machine by Panasonic is over. First, as you read this it has been installed the hot water flows like…..well??? Water! First last week I didn’t mention that the model I wanted has a pump built in to raise the flow pressure. The water is supplied to…

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I Stopped Asking Why!

The Thompson Family Christmas this year went as smooth as every year prior thank you Mayang (Mrs. Thompson). My job is to provide ample money for all she needs and off she goes making a wonderful day for the family. But better for me because after my operation awhile back, and my cane use I…

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Unicorns Frolicking in Their Front Yard

In 1963 the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles issued me a Drivers License after I had passed both the written and driving test, on the crowded streets of Boston. I even had to accomplish a three-point turn on a narrow neighborhood street while driving a standard shift 1954 huge straight eight Pontiac convertible (My Brother…

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A refund? In the Philippines?

Welcome to another episode of the Expat Answerman Vidcast! I hope that you will enjoy today’s program. Last month, I got a real surprise when I asked a local business for a refund. I had some experience trying to get a refund before. Most of the time it was not possible to get a refund.…

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NIS – Not in Stock – The Third Time!

The wall of Spam, never NIS

I live in the Subic Area of Luzon and the shopping here is very good because of the high numbers of Kano’s Canadians, British, Australians and plus a few folks from Europe who live and shop here. The stores know the type of products we want and tend to cater to our needs, maybe because…

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Online Buying in the Philippines: Lazada vs. AliExpress

Online Buying in the Philippines Safe places to make online purchases in the Philippines If I need to buy something, I would much prefer online buying! It seems that most people feel that way too, online shopping is just so convenient. Given the recent popularity of online buying venues! eCommerce seems to be the way…

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