Travel in and from the Philippines

Living in the Philippines offers great travel opportunities.

Firstly, travel inside the Philippines gives the opportunity to experience many different cultures, languages and scenery.  The Philippines has regions that are so different that it is almost like visiting a different country even just going from one town to another.  As a group of 7,107 islands, the cultures present in the country are multiple.  You can spend a lot of time traveling the Philippines without seeing all there is to see.

The other great thing about travel is traveling from the Philippines to other countries.  Within just a short flight from the Philippines you can literally visit a dozen or more different countries!  Take that out to 6 hours or less of travel and you can expand from a dozen to several dozen countries that are at your doorstep!  It all leads to some great travel adventures from the Philippines without the need for long trips!

Of course, if you travel from the Philippines, coming home is always a great experience!