How to be seen as a human target in the Philippines

Some people like to live “La Vida Loco” that Ricky Martin sings about. I like to think I write pretty interesting articles, but in real life, I am kind of boring. One way I could add some spice to my life would be to travel to the Philippines and be seen as a human target.…

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Want gun? Why travel?

Earlier this week, Jay Stainback submitted an article for publication here on LiP, entitles “Have gun will travel… just not in the Philippines“. It is a good article and generated lots of response. Over my years of my living in the Philippines, 18 years and counting… There are two issues which generate a lot of…

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Have gun will travel… just not to the Philippines

“Grandpa, can we shoot your guns today?”, pleaded my bored 9-year old son as we visited my father. Dad is a lifelong sportsman, who grew up on a farm hunting and fishing for recreation. I grew up in a house with 10 to 12 guns visible in cases. I shot bb guns and occasionally hunted…

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Safety: USA vs. Philippines

I know that some people will consider this topic to be controversial. But, if you comment and have not watched the video you might not sound very smart! Watch the video and see what I actually have to say, then feel free to leave your comments, whatever it is that you wish. I call ’em…

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Breach of Security

Guard Dog

Funny thing, less than 2 weeks ago I wrote an article about Personal Safety for Expats. Just a week later (last week) we had a serious security incident at our home. I would not really say that the incident was “expat” related, rather it was something that could happen regardless of where the person was…

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Personal Safety for Expats

If you are a foreigner and you are going to live in the Philippines, security is something that you should keep on your mind. I am not the type that constantly worries about my safety. I have lived in the Philippines for more than 17 years, and really I don’t get too concerned about safety…

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