How to Move to the Philippines

Move to the Philippines: How to do it

Move to the Philippines

Move to the Philippines? Don’t quite know how to move to the Philippines? I wanted to come out with a “Master Article” detailing the process of How to Move to the Philippines, so I have finished it up and here it is. I hope that you will find important information here that you need and…

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10 dumb mistakes foreigners make in the Philippines

Expat Mistakes Ten Big Mistakes that Expats Make Hi, Bob Martin here, owner and publisher of this website. John Miele, a former writer here on LiP, wrote this article way back in 2010. Even though the article has been around for a long, long time, it remains one of the most popular articles on the…

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Gay in the Philippines: Over the Rainbow

Gay in the Philippines Is the Philippines Over the Rainbow? Gay in the Philippines? It’s no surprise that a service tailored to advise and assist people considering taking the plunge and coming to Live In The Philippines will be targeted by folks from all walks of life. For anyone contemplating such a move, it can…

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The thing that finally got to me was the abundance of tears. Some belonged to friends plainly sad to see us go. When even my ex-wife joined the chorus of grief, however, I knew that the turning point we’d reached was not ours alone. “I thought I could get through this without breaking down,” sobbed…

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