How to Move to the Philippines

Move to the Philippines: How to do it

Move to the Philippines

Move to the Philippines? Don’t quite know how to move to the Philippines? I wanted to come out with a “Master Article” detailing the process of How to Move to the Philippines, so I have finished it up and here it is. I hope that you will find important information here that you need and…

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EAM – Multi-topic

Today’s Expat Answerman Podcast is a little different. Today we cover several different topics and it is a longer episode than we have been doing. Let me know what you think. Do you like a podcast with several topics, or do you prefer a shorter podcast that focuses on one question and answer per episode?…

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If you want to live in the Philippines

Moving to the Philippines

So, you are thinking of moving to the Philippines? That’s great, that is actually what this website is all about. If you want to make the move, there is much to learn to do it right! There is also much to consider. You must consider what type of visa you will get that will allow…

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Time to start living?

I receive a lot, I mean a LOT, of emails!  That also generally means that I send a lot of emails. Most of the emails I receive involve people asking questions about living in the Philippines. Maybe they need to find out how to file for a visa.  Maybe some cultural question about how to…

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Honestly, do you really want to live here?

I have a lot of websites, more than 200 different sites, and most of them are related in one way or another to the Philippines. Because of this, as you can image, I get a ton of e-mail from people who profess to me that they want to move here. Funny thing is, even after…

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Just a Quickie

I got a message overnight on Facebook from Bob NewYork.  Bob is a very long time LiP reader, almost since the inception of the site.  Bob has always been a supporter of the site, and in fact I would say an avid supporter.  Well, apparently Bob was getting some reading in, and he sent me…

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