How to Move to the Philippines

Thanks! Greatly appreciated!

I want to thank the readers of LiP!  Because of you guys, I achieved something this week that made me quite happy!  You were part of that achievement, without you it would not have happened! I was looking on Amazon the other day, at my new book, How to Move to the Philippines Manual, and…

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Want to Move to the Philippines?

Moving to the Philippines!

This site is mostly about people living in or wanting to live in the Philippines.  If you are one of the people who is wanting to move to the Philippines, I can help you! That’s right, I have the exact item you need to assist you with making the move a successful one! My newest…

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Most important considerations?

Which Way Will You Go

When you think about becoming an expat – moving to a different country – what are your most important considerations? Of course it varies from one person to the next.  Truth is, the vast majority of people never even consider making a move abroad.  It simply is not something that many people even think about.…

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What should I bring with me? EAM

Should I bring my tools?

It’s another episode of the Expat Answer Man Podcast today!  I am happy to see you back here again, and I hope you enjoy the episode.  Today is episode 8 of the Podcast, so we are really getting into the swing of things now, and I hope you have been enjoying the show and finding…

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Why you should not move to the Philippines

There is a fellow named Travis Kraft who has a very active YouTube Channel, mostly based on videos about the Philippines.  I enjoy many of Travis’ videos and he has a video about just about any subject that you might think of involving the Philippines.  Lots of interesting stuff. Recently, I saw a video that…

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Who to ask when moving here?

At Starbucks with Michael and Malcolm

When moving here try to ask people that know a lot about the PI. I’ve been hearing lots of foreigners asking Filipinos abroad of what would they think of the Philippines now? To think a lot of those Pinoys that live abroad never been back here for ages. Then of course their opinions of the…

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