Tourist Visa

What happens if you overstay visa?

People get deported every day - don't let it be you!

Did you Overstay Visa? Take care of it before it takes care of you! If you overstay a visa, it might not be a pretty situation. I get questions so frequently from people who are illegally staying in the Philippines.  The reason their stay is illegal is that they have stayed longer than their visa…

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10 dumb mistakes foreigners make in the Philippines

Expat Mistakes Ten Big Mistakes that Expats Make Hi, Bob Martin here, owner and publisher of this website. John Miele, a former writer here on LiP, wrote this article way back in 2010. Even though the article has been around for a long, long time, it remains one of the most popular articles on the…

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Living in the Philippines on a tourist visa 2018 Update

Tourist Visa to LIve in the Philippines If you want to live in the Philippines, you need some kind of visa to stay here. Let’s look at one way you can do it: tourist visas. 2018 Update This article is a couple years old (2016), and there have not been many changes since publication, but…

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Can I travel to the Philippines on a one-way ticket?

Ofelia wrote in with a citizenship/travel related question today. Here is Ofelia’s question: I have both an American and Filipino passport. My plan is to stay in the Philippines for a year or so. Do you know if I could fly on a one way ticket without having to have problems with authorities of either…

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New tourist visas in the Philippines – EAM

Visa for tourists

Some time back, I got a question from my friend Bill.  He was wondering about tourist visas. How long could Bill stay on his tourist visa? How often would he need to renew or extend his visa? Where could he do the renewal?  Would he have to travel far to do the extension? Well, as…

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Visa Run

I’m writing this article after I received an e-mail inquiry regarding the best place to make a visa run. I realized that since I’ve personally been on 13a for a while, that the need for a visa run has not emerged recently. So, having extensively travelled around most of SE Asia for a number of…

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