Goodbye, Philippines

Our Move is quickly approaching We will miss the Philippines So, as I told you a couple of months ago, Feyma and I are moving back to the USA. We have settled on living in Logansport, Indiana. I thought I’d post more today about the pending move, when it is going to happen, what I…

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It Was Bound to Happen:

That I’d write a very long article. Proof that if you have one week or three hours to pack a suitcase. You’ll pack the same things both times. This being my first monthly article to Sir Bob’s LiP Website, after last month’s article “Fair Winds and Following Seas” Where I informed the LiP readers of…

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A Shipmate explained it to Me

I was at the Boston Army Pier taking my Draft Physical in October 1964, a Navy Chief walked by and asked if I was looking forward to another cheery New England Winter? Hell no; I replied, he said if I could be there at the pier in the morning by seven AM (0700 Hours) I…

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Getting a Visa in the Philippines

Living on a Tourist Visa

If you are moving to a new country, including the Philippines, then you will need to have a visa in order to stay in the country.  There are a number of different types of visas that you can get, depending on your eligibility, the length of time that you want to stay, and other factors.…

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We’ll leave the light on for you

It was a bright sunny day when I flew into the Philippines from San Francisco on my way to meet a ship in Dubai UAE. I had five days to kill before I had to check on to the ship. (USNS Mars T-AFS-1 which was formerly the USS Mars.). It was 1993 I was still…

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