How to File for a DCF Spousal Visa Complete Guide

Tourist Visa

What Is DCF? Direct Consular Filing (DCF) is the unofficial term for filing an I-130 petition via a Consulate overseas, rather than through the US Service Center. While not everyone will qualify to do so, this process can expedite the speed in which a beneficiary can enter the United States and become a Green Card…

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My Life of relaxing and enjoying Living in the Philippines

Luke Tynan is LIving in the Philippines Living in the Philippines has been a great move for us! Five years ago this coming August, my wife, Katleen and I decided to try living in the Philippines and moved to Northern Mindanao to live right after I retired. We moved back to her hometown and had already…

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We’ll leave the light on for you

It was a bright sunny day when I flew into the Philippines from San Francisco on my way to meet a ship in Dubai UAE. I had five days to kill before I had to check on to the ship. (USNS Mars T-AFS-1 which was formerly the USS Mars.). It was 1993 I was still…

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