OK, Jay, Here are my Answers

Jeepney Code of Honor My Experiences A couple of days ago, Jay Stainback had an article here on LiP entitled “Jeepney Code of Honor“. In the article, he spoke of things that he had witnessed on his Jeepney ride, and as he often does, Jay asked some questions at the end of the article. I…

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Jeepney Code of Honor (Honesty)

Drivers give change correctly

Jeepney Code of Honor “Bayad…Two.” I speak it holding up with my two fingers to inform the passengers near the driver to transfer my 20 pesos note to the jeepney driver. I intentionally say it to let the driver know that I do not need change. I try to only use coins and small bills…

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My Fateful Jeepney Ride

My Jeepney Ride Was it fate? Last week I took a ride on the jeepney, perhaps it was a “fateful Jeepney ride”. Maybe not. Let me tell you what happened. My wife is abroad Feyma is in the USA right now, as are two of our sons, Aaron and Jared. So, I am left here…

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The warranty is null and void

Cross country, fly instede

Four years ago we bought a new car here in the Philippines; I was busy at the time looking for a previously owned car; as 1978 was the last time I purchased a new car. My reasoning was simple, I was a sailor who was at sea for months at a time and had to…

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25 Years of Fun with the RP’s Land Transportation Office

In the past few months here on LIP I noted that some had found fault with the Philippine LTO System, I’m here to present another point(e) of view, just to defend these much-maligned hard working folks. The Land Transportation Offices are the folks in charge of Drivers Licenses, Tags and Car Registrations (They might do…

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