Santa’s Jeepney

Today is Christmas Eve in the Philippines. People are out shopping, buying food to prepare for their Noche Buena, the traditional Christmas Celebration Feast in the Philippines. But, what about Santa?  Will he be pulling up in a Christmas Jeepney full of toys to keep all of the little Filipino boys and girls happy?  Well,…

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Philippine Car Seat Logic;

In February 2014 we bought our new (Now Old) car and it came with seat covers that I am not allowed to remove by order of Mayang. So under these covers are car seats that as far as I know have never been sat upon or seen the light of day. I myself have never…

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Have a look at this!

River Crossing

Today, I have one of my favorite all-time Jeepney pictures! This photo was taken in North Cotabato Province. The Jeepney is an old one, just look at the wear and tear, it has certainly seen it’s better days. On top of that, the jeepney is fully loaded.  Lots of people (even riding on top), and…

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Kindly Put a Sharp Stick in My Eye

French Dip anyone

(Three) Years have gone by and I found that once again my Philippine Drivers License was about to expire. Which only seems fitting as the Philippines, gave me my license in 1997 and I used a (Three years expired) Florida license to get my new Philippine one. I tried to renew my Florida license, but…

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Riding the Racal in Iligan City

When I visit Iligan City in Northern Mindanao I usually find something new that interests me that I had not seen or experienced before. My recent vacation visit of a few weeks ago was no exception. On the evening after my arrival as I was on the way out to dinner with local friends I…

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The election mess!


Last week we went to Tupi, South Cotabato for a business meeting. The trip from Davao to General Santos City took 4+ hours. The usual travel is supposed to be only takes 3 hours or a little over in the bus. Why it’s taking a long time this time is due to the road construction…

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