Where The Rubber Meets The Road?

Back in 1993, I was invited to visit a rubber plantation in North Cotabato owned by a family I’ve known for several years. North Cotabato is a landlocked province located in Mindanao and its capital is Kidapawan City. It’s quintessentially the Philippines, and I loved it. My visit there was exciting and memorable, and I’ve…

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Philippines Business Visa

Author Daniel Christian at the Philippine Consulate in Chicago, IL, USA

Getting a Philippines Business Visa Temporary and Permanent Solution I have owned a call center business in the Philippines since 2010. When I first came here, I did so on a Philippines business visa that I obtained through an online company. They took care of the processing for a $110 fee, I believe. I am…

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Getting a Document Notarized

About a month or two ago, I got an inquiry from a company in the United States. They were wanting to advertise on this website. It was a company that I felt I had a use for, and when I looked over their website, I found it to be well done, and their service looked…

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The election mess!


Last week we went to Tupi, South Cotabato for a business meeting. The trip from Davao to General Santos City took 4+ hours. The usual travel is supposed to be only takes 3 hours or a little over in the bus. Why it’s taking a long time this time is due to the road construction…

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Business permits – EAM

A while back, I had a podcast about doing business in the Philippines.  What kind of visa would you need, what type of business could you do as an expat in the Philippines.  Today, based on some follow up questions that I got from that podcast, I want to dig a little deeper into the…

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My new book is OUT

This workerr wants out

I’ve been working pretty hard for the past few months!  But, hard work is almost always rewarding.  Whether the feeling of reward comes from the feeling of satisfaction that you get from a job well done, or from financial reward, the feeling is equally as good.  When you get reward from both of those two…

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