Business practices – EAM

Customer Service

One of the biggest complaints that I hear from expats living in the Philippines is about customer service. I know, a lot of you are saying – what customer service? Unfortunately, there is a lot of truth to that statement.  It always shocks me because when it comes to friendliness and such, Filipinos are some…

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An impressive small farmer’s market in Lagao!

Veggies Galore

Over the weekend we went to General Santos on business. We went to a resort owned by a friend during our stay in GenSan from 2000-2002. His resort is not faraway from the city. I’m so impressed with the location and the view. To wake up in that place everyday, I think I’m already good. Oops, I guess…

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When Life Gets Sweeter

The last time we talked, I believe I was lamenting some potential (and some probable) problems that were appearing on our home front’s horizon.  The katulong’s behavior was sending some signals that were familiar – signals that were identical to those that had been sent by other katulongs just prior to the end of their…

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“The Pandesal Kid” named Delmer!


My daughter and I did our early routine, walking in our neighborhood early in the morning. When we were almost home a kid showed up on the corner and yelled “Ate you want pandesal? It’s still hot”. I said to Jean we will just buy later at the bakery shop  since it’s too early. While following the…

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The fun of having a business

Flowers from WowPhilippines

Having a business in the Philippines can be quite… well… fun.  They say it’s more fun in the Philippines, after all. Feyma and I started our first business in the Philippines sometime in 2000, within our first year of arriving here.  It was all sort of done by accident. The business I am talking about…

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You Cannot Get Blood From a Stone

Blood from a stone

You cannot get blood from a stone.  Ever heard that expression?  If you’re not familiar with it, it is defined as: Prov. You cannot get help from an uncharitable person or money from someone who has none. A lot of people think it comes from the Bible, but it does not.  But it’s very true…

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