It Did Smell Bad

Paul Thompson is taking a well deserved week off, so I decided to re-run this early article of his, originally published in August 2009. This story is our first story about Paul’s (in)famous “new-old car”. It is a classic. Paul will be back again next week with a new post!   It did smell bad.…

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As Time Goes Driving By

1978 Lincoln Mark IV I liked the first one so much I got another one

I’m boarding Mr. Peabody’s Way-Back-Machine and flashing back to February 2014, the day my wife and I walked into the Mitsubishi Car world Subic Showroom which was the second dealership I had visited on the first day of my car shopping adventure. Next, I had planned to drive my new old Honda to San Fernando…

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How to Ride the Bus in the Philippines

If you come to the Philippines as a tourist, or you live here, the likelihood is that sooner or later you will ride the bus. I am sure that a lot of you might be wary of riding the bus, maybe you don’t know what you are supposed to do, how it works, etc. I…

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That is one honest taxi driver!

One Honest Driver

Last week, Feyma and I were riding in a taxi and I noticed a plastic card hanging from the front seat.  There is a picture of it later in this article. Basically the card had a photo of our taxi driver and said: “One Honest Taxi Driver”. I wondered what this was about, so I…

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Having fun in GenSan

Marietas BBQ

Feyma and I recently took a trip to General Santos City.  Our son, Chris, came along too. It all started right after the New Year when Feyma told me that she would be going to GenSan for the weekend in mid-January, she said it was time for the family reunion.  Well, last year was the…

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Santa’s Jeepney

Today is Christmas Eve in the Philippines. People are out shopping, buying food to prepare for their Noche Buena, the traditional Christmas Celebration Feast in the Philippines. But, what about Santa?  Will he be pulling up in a Christmas Jeepney full of toys to keep all of the little Filipino boys and girls happy?  Well,…

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