13G Visa – Is it a better option for you?

The 13G Visa 13G is another Residency Option in the Philippines I have a 13G Visa. A 13G Visa is a Philippine Visa that allows for permanent residence in the Philippines. It is for a Former Philippine Citizen. It also is for the spouse and minor children of a former Citizen of the Philippines. At…

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13A Resident Visa – The Complete Guide

13A Resident Visa might be perfect for you to live on or near an island like this!

Want to Live in the Philippines? The 13A Resident Visa Might be right for you! In my opinion, the 13A Resident Visa is the premier visa for anybody who wants to live in the Philippines. Why? There is no requirement to ever travel outside the country on a visa run. It is a permanent visa…

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Living in the Philippines on a tourist visa 2018 Update

Tourist Visa to LIve in the Philippines If you want to live in the Philippines, you need some kind of visa to stay here. Let’s look at one way you can do it: tourist visas. 2018 Update This article is a couple years old (2016), and there have not been many changes since publication, but…

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EAM Paypal, PayMaya and Viewer Question

These days, a lot of people use Paypal or other online money transfer methods for transacting business online. I personally have been using Paypal since they first went online, which, as I recall was in about 1997 or so. Paypal was not an option in the Philippines, though, when I first moved here, in 2000.…

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I want my fiance to come and visit!

On today’s episode of the Expat Answerman Vidcast, we cover a couple of topics. I am enjoying doing these videos and I hope you are enjoying them too. I am still making improvements, so please bear with me! I start out today by sharing an update about my family. Feyma and my kids have been…

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How to get a Philippine Driver’s License

Today we have another edition of the Expat Answerman! Today we feature several questions from readers. First, we have a follow up from Henry. You may remember a couple weeks back Henry called in with a question regarding his 13A Visa. His visa was cancelled due to the death of his Filipina spouse. Now, Henry…

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