Drivers License

Pull Over

How does the old saying go? “Pride comes before a fall”. Better believe it! Let me explain. I like driving, but currently cannot get a Philippines driving license, so my partner does all the driving these days. I do miss driving a bit, but given the traffic conditions and local driving culture here, I’m mostly…

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How to get a Philippine Driver’s License

Today we have another edition of the Expat Answerman! Today we feature several questions from readers. First, we have a follow up from Henry. You may remember a couple weeks back Henry called in with a question regarding his 13A Visa. His visa was cancelled due to the death of his Filipina spouse. Now, Henry…

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The list Seems Endless; Part 1

Trying to find the Vin Number

January of the New Year in the Philippines the list of things to do, stretch’s in front of you like a trip around the world, but I’m not going anywhere. How bad can it be if you just accomplish one or two things a day? Why does it always sound simple when you write it…

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Kindly Put a Sharp Stick in My Eye

French Dip anyone

(Three) Years have gone by and I found that once again my Philippine Drivers License was about to expire. Which only seems fitting as the Philippines, gave me my license in 1997 and I used a (Three years expired) Florida license to get my new Philippine one. I tried to renew my Florida license, but…

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EAM: Driver’s License Procedure

LTO - The Land Transportation Office

Back when I first moved to the Philippines, I felt pretty much stranded.  As an American, we are really hooked to having a vehicle of our own, and without one I just didn’t feel normal! Only about 2 weeks after my arrival, I bought a car.  I just could not make it without one, or…

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An International Driver What?

International Driver's License

A few weeks back I received a comment to one of my article’s here with a lot of ideas about driver’s licenses in the Philippines that were … well .. wrong, for lack of a better term. Let’s review a few common thoughts and misconceptions here, especially about the so-called International Driver’s License and where…

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