Philippine Culture

Journals from an Indigenous Philippine Sorcerer. ‘Invisible’

Arik, Nyle and I were having a beer at an outside bar in Minglanilla, Cebu. We had delivered some hand-carved hardwood bookshelves to a well-to-do foreigner in a subdivision nearby. Arik was a furniture maker by trade, and his work sold fairly successfully around the area. He primarily got his customers by word-of-mouth, and thru…

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‘Tis The Season Do you ever get the feeling when you wake up in the morning that today is supposed to be a special day but you just can’t think why? It happened to me a couple of days ago, on September 1st to be exact. What could it be? Surely not a family birthday…

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Street Vendors Lingo

Vendor in the Philippines

Vendors in the Philippines “Isdaaa! – Moro-Moro, Bangus, at Saka Gulay!” Sound familiar? It didn’t to me until fairly recently. Let me explain. When I first retired to the Philippines I lived in West Insular Village, a pleasant and mostly clean gated community in Davao City. A bit pricey, but that’s what you expect from…

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