Balikbayan Box: Everything you need to know

Balikbayan Box

Shipping things to the Philippines? You need to learn about the Balikbayan Box! Do you have items that you want or need to ship to the Philippines? The least expensive way to do it is via the Balikbayan Box. It is not the fastest way, but it is the cheapest, by far. What is a…

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It’s cheaper in the Philippines, right?

Everything you might want to buy is cheaper in the Philippines, right? Well, I’m sorry to inform you, but it just ain’t so. Indeed, many things are cheaper here, but the truth is, many things are much more expensive here than in your home country, you can bet on that. For the most part, the…

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How to get a Philippine Driver’s License

Today we have another edition of the Expat Answerman! Today we feature several questions from readers. First, we have a follow up from Henry. You may remember a couple weeks back Henry called in with a question regarding his 13A Visa. His visa was cancelled due to the death of his Filipina spouse. Now, Henry…

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Li’l Bit of Home Back Home

Now that is a confusing title.  Hopefully, it will bring a few more eyes to this shorter than normal article. I’m writing it on a smart phone in hopes that some of the smart rubs off onto the words. What’s it all about? you may be wondering.  Well, it’s about one of the favorite topics in…

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Should I ship my belongings when I move? EAM

Moving is never fun, but when we make a move half way around the world there are lots of considerations that must be made! Many of those who wish to move to the Philippines are already retired, or approaching retirement age.  Anybody who has made it to that stage of life surely has accumulated a…

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