Having fun in GenSan

Marietas BBQ

Feyma and I recently took a trip to General Santos City.  Our son, Chris, came along too. It all started right after the New Year when Feyma told me that she would be going to GenSan for the weekend in mid-January, she said it was time for the family reunion.  Well, last year was the…

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Under the Table;

Under the table

No this story does not pertain to imbibing any adult beverages. Early this month I told you about going to Olongapo to pay my Head Tax of ₱310 Philippine immigration tax. This is a very simple affair, show up, hand over your I-Card pay the pesos and as I said then Ditty Na down life’s…

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How Often I Have to Renew

Today we got a comment and question from Sean: This is what Sean had to say: Hi John, Just a couple of quick questions for you. I just want to make sure I am on the same page. So is the total cost for the 13A 1510.00? or is the extension not included in that?…

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Whatever Floats Your Boat

Recently I wrote an article about the Balikbayan Privilege Program (which many of us call the BB Visa.. but it’s not a visa). Does Everything Have To Be Controversial? Many good comments were shared and different points of view expressed.  I enjoyed it.  There were (at last count) 88 comments, and the title, “Decide by…

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The Price Of Everything But The Value Of Nothing

This article is kind of a follow-on to the piece I wrote recently here called Decide by Facts which was mainly suggesting near-heresy in some people’s minds, simply by pointing out the the popular Philippine Permanent Visa 13 series, for the family of Philippine/former Philippine citizens, was NOT the ONLY answer for living full-time in…

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Getting a 99 Year Visa? EAM

Expat Answerman Podcast

What?  A 99 Year Visa!  Bob, is that a new thing? Well, no it is not new, in fact, no such visa exists!  But, I recently got a question from a fellow named Al, asking about getting a 99 year visa to live in the Philippines.  While there is no such thing as a 99…

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