Balikbayan Visa

What happens if you overstay visa?

People get deported every day - don't let it be you!

Did you Overstay Visa? Take care of it before it takes care of you! If you overstay a visa, it might not be a pretty situation. I get questions so frequently from people who are illegally staying in the Philippines.  The reason their stay is illegal is that they have stayed longer than their visa…

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Living in the Philippines on a Balikbayan Visa

What is a Balikbayan? Well, it is a person who is returning to the Philippines after spending some time abroad. If your wife is from the Philippines, but is living in your home country, when you take a trip back to the Philippines, your wife is a Balikbayan! As a Balikbayan, your wife is entitled…

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Balikbayan Visa Valid for 1 Year

Today we got a comment and question from Annaliza P. Zimmerman. This is what Annaliza had to say: I suggested that if your trying to apply for 13 A Visa rather first exit the Philippines after your 30 days Visa expires even just to Hong Kong with your wife and came back both an hour after…

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Getting a Balikbayan Visa

If you are a regular reader of the site, you certainly know the procedure to get a Balikbayan Visa (Balikbayan Privilege) when you arrive in the Philippines.  You fly in to the Philippines with your Philippine spouse, she requests that you be given the Balikbayan Visa, and a 1 year Balikbayan Privilege stamp is placed…

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Whatever Floats Your Boat

Recently I wrote an article about the Balikbayan Privilege Program (which many of us call the BB Visa.. but it’s not a visa). Does Everything Have To Be Controversial? Many good comments were shared and different points of view expressed.  I enjoyed it.  There were (at last count) 88 comments, and the title, “Decide by…

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Visa Run

I’m writing this article after I received an e-mail inquiry regarding the best place to make a visa run. I realized that since I’ve personally been on 13a for a while, that the need for a visa run has not emerged recently. So, having extensively travelled around most of SE Asia for a number of…

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