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Decide by Facts

Decide based on the facts

When You Decide What Visa To Use, Decide by Facts, not “What Everyone Says”. One key issue often on foreigner expats already in the Philippines, and especially those planning to come to live in the Philippines, is the question of what residency visa to obtain, or what non-residency visa to use in order to stay…

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UPDATES? More, Please.

It’s a lazy kind of Saturday afternoon, and I’m sitting outside with my tablet checking in with the world-wide web (the Internet, for the un-indoctrinated). It’s sunny and cooler than it has been all week – thanks to some afternoon thunder showers yesterday – and life in the real world is oh, so pleasant. In…

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What Kinda Expat Are You?

The Expat Island

Hey, Paul – You mentioned in an earlier post that you’re going back to the USA after tax “busy season” is over.  You also mentioned that you’ll be back in the Philippines somewhere in the September/October time frame.  I thought you lived here in the Philippines –  what kind of expat are you? “What kind…

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Documents you WILL eventually need in the Philippines

Yesterday, I needed to visit the BIR in order to obtain a Tax ID Number (TIN). This number is used by the government in the assessment and collection of a myriad of taxes here, from income tax to VAT. Now, my income is wholly earned outside of the Philippines, so I’ve never needed to obtain…

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I’m moving to the Philippines

Over the past month or so, I have gotten several e-mails from different people all saying the same thing. I’m getting ready to move to the Philippines.   Before I move, though, what do I need to do to get my citizenship? Well, first off, it is important to know that you do not need…

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I want to live in the Philippines

I got an e-mail this morning from Joseph.  Joseph wants to live in the Philippines, and wonders about citizenship issues. Here is what Joseph had to say: Hi Bob, I am tired of life in America and I want to relocate to the Philippines.  Can you tell me how to become a citizen of the…

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