Resident Visa

What happens if you overstay visa?

People get deported every day - don't let it be you!

Did you Overstay Visa? Take care of it before it takes care of you! If you overstay a visa, it might not be a pretty situation. I get questions so frequently from people who are illegally staying in the Philippines.  The reason their stay is illegal is that they have stayed longer than their visa…

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13G Visa – Is it a better option for you?

The 13G Visa 13G is another Residency Option in the Philippines I have a 13G Visa. A 13G Visa is a Philippine Visa that allows for permanent residence in the Philippines. It is for a Former Philippine Citizen. It also is for the spouse and minor children of a former Citizen of the Philippines. At…

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Our Visa Experience

Philippine Embassy in Washington DC

Well, we finally took a genuine, official step towards our move to the Philippines.  I applied for my 13-a permanent resident’s visa!  I got all of my paperwork in order.  The background check, lab results, physician exam, X-rays, marriage certificate, proof of my wife’s Philippine citizenship, the application form, the whole shooting match, and took…

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The Price Of Everything But The Value Of Nothing

This article is kind of a follow-on to the piece I wrote recently here called Decide by Facts which was mainly suggesting near-heresy in some people’s minds, simply by pointing out the the popular Philippine Permanent Visa 13 series, for the family of Philippine/former Philippine citizens, was NOT the ONLY answer for living full-time in…

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My 13(a) visa experience

I am not an attorney, nor an expert, nor do I play one on TV. I am merely relating the experience of the visa process as I experienced it. Don’t take my word as law. Long article here… I’ve been living in the Philippines a total of 27 months now, and I moved here on…

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