Resident Visa

Why a 13a Visa might be right for you

Having my 13g visa helps me feel relaxed!

Over the past couple of weeks, Dave Starr has done a nice job of looking at different visas that you can have that will allow you to stay in the Philippines for the long term.  A while back, he looked at the Balikbayan Privilege program (many call it a Balikbayan Visa – including me –…

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Honestly, do you really want to live here?

I have a lot of websites, more than 200 different sites, and most of them are related in one way or another to the Philippines. Because of this, as you can image, I get a ton of e-mail from people who profess to me that they want to move here. Funny thing is, even after…

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Where Can She Get a Divorce? Will She Pick Your Pockets Clean?

Just Divorced

Here’s an interesting comment which just came in to my recent article about where a foreigner can get a divorce if s/he marries in the Philippines.  This reader has quite a few questions, certainly enough to break down his comment and make a full-fledged article to answer at least some of his concerns. Here’s his…

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If You’re Married, You’re Married – End of Story

Divorce can't happen in the Philippines

I’ve written a lot on this subject in the past, and I have to admit my carefully chosen title for this article is probably “wishful” thinking”. My guess is there will never be an end to this story … I just wish there was. Philippine Unique. The Philippines is unique with regard to almost all…

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My Marriage is “Broken”, Where Can I Get a Divorce?


I Don’t Like Talking About Divorce Nobody really wants to go into talking about a divorce unless they absolutely have to. And I certainly don’t want to talk about divorce as if it were some easy, quick solution to issues and disagreements that husbands and wives ought to be able to work out between them.…

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