“Smart Phone” is a Misnomer?

Find the phone

Yes, there is a lot of computing power packed into those handheld devices. But a lot of social problems are there too. I was looking at my Granddaughters prom pictures, and every classmate had a phone in their hand, even while dancing. A lot of money could have been saved if they all stayed home…

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Personal Communication

It is not hard to find a form of Personal Communication

Does the form of Personal Communication Matter? Steve Dotto hit the nail on the head! Personal Communication is something we all do starting on the day we are born, and until the day that we die.  My online buddy, Steve Dotto, is a communicator. Teacher. Blogger. Vlogger. The best things about Steve are that he…

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The Check is in the Mail

My Tricare Health Insurance refuses to use my Retired Affairs FPO (Embassy address) and forwards all my mail to my home address in Bataan, even though the Philippines is never in a rush to get it there It arrives in Manila and is sorted and put in a Pile that says Bataan and other provinces.…

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What’s That Load Noise?

Why I really dislike both Cell and Smart Phones. I remember when cell phones first became common for the masses. I was working at ABC Liquor in Treasure Island Florida and had my first encounter with a Yuppie that owned a “Brick”. He dashed over to me and demanded I stop waiting on a few…

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Electronics, Are Really Messing Up Their Lives

My knowledge on the subject of Electronics, I would like to say is vast. Yes, I would like to say, but that would be a bald-faced lie. Sir Bob would reject this article as “Fake News” and I’d be run out of Bataan on a rail, if we had tracks here, more than likely it…

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