Will my cellphone work in the Philippines?

A short time back, Philip called me and asked if his cellular phone would work in the Philippines. He told me that his network carrier in the United States is AT&T, and wondered if the phone would work in the Philippines. Now, I am unsure. Does Philip mean will the phone itself work? In other words,…

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Compatibility Issue Numero Uno

“My husband finishes in less than 60 seconds”, a Filipina lady sadly shared about her Kano husband at a pot-luck. Another Filipina tried to brag about her Kano husband, “My husband goes for 60 minutes!” After a good bit of discussion the group of ladies came to the conclusion that 60 seconds is preferable to…

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Another article, and another short and sweet title.  Short and sweet in hopes of luring you, dear readers, deep into the paragraphs of thoughts presented here. Learning something new, remembering something old, being entertained, being roused to the support or condemnation of a position; these are some of the goals set for these articles.  Perhaps,…

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Hey pssssssssst yeah you over there….

Not a posed picture of my grandson

It appears to be a yearly thing, the quest for the latest greatest whoop tee do Cella Phone, with APP’s you (Meaning I) will never understand or use, I won’t even list the super dupper things it can do. But I do know it will do all the things that last year’s model will do…

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Carrying On, Smartly

WOW!  Last time we chatted, dear readers, I believe that I mentioned that Life was getting sweeter. After my article was published, however, I had some second thoughts about the levels of excitement and exaggeration to which I, perchance, was soaring. The week that unfolded later provided me with a strong lesson:  “Never second-guess your…

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Scams abound!

I was just browsing through my FB news feed and saw the wall of my dear friend Sharon. Just reading what’s on her wall got me thinking. I’ve receive too many junk text too, mostly I don’t even read it I just deleted it automatically. It’s so annoying to received almost half a dozen text…

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