It has grown – Can you Help?

Children showing me around

In the past, I have mentioned briefly about a project that I started about 11 years ago this September.   Bob has invited me to give an update. I was asked if I could tutor a niece who was having problems with her schoolwork.  At the time, my schedule was very flexible and she had access…

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Special Care for those with Special Needs

Philippine Care for those with Special Needs A Reply to David Haldane’s Article Yesterday on this website, I published an article from David Haldane entitled Insanity. Today, I wanted to write a bit of a follow-up to things that David had written. Over the past month or so on this website, several writers have delved…

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The Adobo Twins

Paul at Disney World FL

On the 5th of March in 1960 in Samar Philippines, the Adobo twins were born. And were named Maria & Clara, it is unknown if the name came from the famous dress that is traditional to the Philippines, or the famous Sangria of the same name? Now for the odd part, Clara was born a…

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When a person that you are close to passes away, I think it is natural to go through a period of introspection. It is natural to think about that person, your interaction with that person, and have some regrets. As most of my readers and followers will know, my mother passed away last week. I…

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Dealing with Death

One thing I hear from a number of expats is about how badly they miss their family and friends back home. To be honest, I have never really had a big problem with this. The way technology is today, I can pick up my cell phone call for free on Skype, Facebook, or many other…

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How Would You Handle It?

Here on a Bataan Mountain in my neck of the woods, we have a mini-UN, an international body that votes on the care of my Mother-in-law AKA Nanay. One Adobo sister lives in Europe (The Netherlands’) and another one in Las Vegas Nevada. The third member is my wife here on that Bataan Mountain. Like…

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