I’ve fallen in Love again

Bob & Feyma Martin - 28 Years of Marriage

Yes, it truly happened I have fallen head over heels Feyma left the Philippines in May, she is working in Alaska right now. Well, maybe I should say that she is in Alaska, but leave the working out! She is employed, but they work when there is fish (she is working at a Seafood Processing…

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Tampo (Oh, Lord! Not Again!!!)

Tampo is like a quiet volcano getting ready to explode

Tampo Again? I am on the receiving end of tampo today. It is not real pleasant around the Miele household this afternoon. What is Tampo? For those who do not know what tampo is, when you marry a Filipina, you will quickly learn the meaning of this word, and it is best not to forget…

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It’s so nice…

Visit of the Time Bandit Crab Boat

Back in May, Feyma left for the United States. She was going there to work in Alaska, in the Seafood Processing business. As regular readers know, in 2016, I had a heart attack, resulting in quadruple bypass surgery. That costs a lot of money, and although I got some great support and help from friends…

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Compatibility Issue Numero Uno

“My husband finishes in less than 60 seconds”, a Filipina lady sadly shared about her Kano husband at a pot-luck. Another Filipina tried to brag about her Kano husband, “My husband goes for 60 minutes!” After a good bit of discussion the group of ladies came to the conclusion that 60 seconds is preferable to…

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Reunion Time

The Kaldereta King is in action

In my last article I told you about the first part of our recent trip to GenSan, and my Annual Report at the BI there. The main purpose of the trip, though, was the family reunion.  This would be my first time to ever go to a family reunion, and I was not completely certain…

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Ten Standards for an acceptable suitor

Ten Standards

“Do you smoke/drink?” my pen-pal asked in her second letter. The smoking part was no worries. The drinking question was a bit more problematic and would require an answer more creative than candid. I will expand upon that later; the point of the introduction is to get your attention and to convey that my pen-pal…

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