The night before Christmas in Davao

There is a poem that is quite famous, called “A Visit from Saint Nicholas” although these days, it is more commonly known as “The Night before Christmas.”  It was written by Clement Clarke Moore.   Although the original date that it was written is unknown, it was first published in 1823 by the Troy, New York…

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I Stopped Asking Why!

The Thompson Family Christmas this year went as smooth as every year prior thank you Mayang (Mrs. Thompson). My job is to provide ample money for all she needs and off she goes making a wonderful day for the family. But better for me because after my operation awhile back, and my cane use I…

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A great Christmas Season

Santas good friend Princess

I have been somewhat quiet lately here on LiP, but I have a good reason. Christmas is a big month for me, for various reasons. Firstly, as many of you know, and many of you take advantage of, Feyma and I have on online business where we deliver Gifts to people all over the Philippines.…

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The Ber Months, and it’s not even cold

The Philippines reminds of the Spanish Caribbean Islands, and South and Central America. Which has gotten me used to the Christmas Season Starting in September or as it is referred to here in the Philippines as the “BER” months? The stores that are not yet NIS (Not in Stock) will start to put up Christmas…

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New Year’s A Total Humbug

But every year I must see my (left) Granddaughter Colleen 14 and my Niece Shey 15 grow up a little more.

Manigong Bagong Taon Sixty nine of these damnable New Years Eve’s I’ve suffered through over the years, (The first few I wasn’t really that involved.) it should be revoked and Christmas should be the last holiday of the year. We should be able to just go to sleep on 31 December and wake up refreshed…

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