Santa’s Jeepney

Today is Christmas Eve in the Philippines. People are out shopping, buying food to prepare for their Noche Buena, the traditional Christmas Celebration Feast in the Philippines. But, what about Santa?  Will he be pulling up in a Christmas Jeepney full of toys to keep all of the little Filipino boys and girls happy?  Well,…

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Christmas Shopping

Food is required

I can’t explain the why, but a couple of years ago Ayala Corp and SM Corp (Someone told me they were the same, but what do I know) built two new malls here in Olongapo for our shopping pleasure, and no doubt to make a few Pesos, on the positive side they brought a lot…

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Happy Thanksgiving Day

To all my Kano friends who go through the Thanksgiving predicament every year, here in our home away from home in the land of enchantment. It started out wrong a few decades ago, a thanksgiving dinner for my family who had no idea what the heck thanksgiving even was. First in the early 1990’s trying…

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NEWS Flash its Christmas

Mayang went into Dinalupihan to pay the water bill, and like always she likes to wander around the market with her twin sister and see what there is to see. This week it was 75 yards of material to make new Christmas Curtains. Out comes her Singer Sewing machine to be cleaned and oiled and…

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What is Easter like in the Philippines?

Today is Easter Day in the Philippines.  This entire past week has been Holy Week, which is a major event in the Philippines, much bigger than the actual day of Easter.  In order to tell you about Easter in the Philippines, I am republishing this article today.  This was originally published in 2010, but the…

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