Tourist Visa

My 13(a) visa experience

I am not an attorney, nor an expert, nor do I play one on TV. I am merely relating the experience of the visa process as I experienced it. Don’t take my word as law. Long article here… I’ve been living in the Philippines a total of 27 months now, and I moved here on…

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Why a 13a Visa might be right for you

Having my 13g visa helps me feel relaxed!

Over the past couple of weeks, Dave Starr has done a nice job of looking at different visas that you can have that will allow you to stay in the Philippines for the long term.  A while back, he looked at the Balikbayan Privilege program (many call it a Balikbayan Visa – including me –…

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Honestly, do you really want to live here?

I have a lot of websites, more than 200 different sites, and most of them are related in one way or another to the Philippines. Because of this, as you can image, I get a ton of e-mail from people who profess to me that they want to move here. Funny thing is, even after…

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Visa availability & qualifications – EAM


It’s time for another Expat Answer Man podcast!  If you have questions about moving to the Philippines and becoming an expat, we have answers and are happy to share those answers with you.  If you enjoy the show, can you leave an honest review (just click here to do so) of the show on iTunes?  I would…

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An International Driver What?

International Driver's License

A few weeks back I received a comment to one of my article’s here with a lot of ideas about driver’s licenses in the Philippines that were … well .. wrong, for lack of a better term. Let’s review a few common thoughts and misconceptions here, especially about the so-called International Driver’s License and where…

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Decide by Facts

Decide based on the facts

When You Decide What Visa To Use, Decide by Facts, not “What Everyone Says”. One key issue often on foreigner expats already in the Philippines, and especially those planning to come to live in the Philippines, is the question of what residency visa to obtain, or what non-residency visa to use in order to stay…

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