EAM – Multi-topic

Today’s Expat Answerman Podcast is a little different. Today we cover several different topics and it is a longer episode than we have been doing. Let me know what you think. Do you like a podcast with several topics, or do you prefer a shorter podcast that focuses on one question and answer per episode?…

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Philippine Neighborhood Safety

“My friend did not feel it was safe to give me a ride to Mama’s House, because it is in a poor neighborhood”, my wife explained as she got out of the trike that had returned her from a lunch date with a repatriate friend of ours. We had met this lady in the USA,…

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Mindanao not safe: Not true at all!

Mindanao is the Land of Promise

I got a comment from somebody. She left it a few days ago on one of my posts that was published 3-4 years ago. I was shocked she left this comment. Here’s what she said: “Why do you want go there. That place is red zone, because it’s filled with Muslims extremist. Mindanao is not wise place.…

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What happened to our world today?


It’s just so unbelievable that a massacre happened in Paris a few days ago. It’s really depressing to see on TV of what’s going on there. It’s so hard to be writing and not shed tears for the innocent people there. When I saw the bodies of too many people lying on the outside of that cafe…

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Shocking incident here near our place!

The famous mansion is behind this wall

I was just shocked a few days ago when my daughter posted something on her Facebook about an incident just near our house. Then my niece mentioned too that 2 people were trying to rob a taxi just near the famous mansion near our house. It freaks me out a little bit at that time because…

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Early morning walk, safe?

Early Mornning Walk

For the past few months I’ve been walking fairly regularly (minimum of 5 days a week). Me and my daughter Jean, my niece Bebe, our helper Joy and once in awhile my son Chris goes walking. He doesn’t like waking up so early (4 am is our waking time). So he mostly played basketball or ride his…

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