Shocking incident here near our place!

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I was just shocked a few days ago when my daughter posted something on her Facebook about an incident just near our house. Then my niece mentioned too that 2 people were trying to rob a taxi just near the famous mansion near our house. It freaks me out a little bit at that time because me and my kids and my niece usually go out during early hour in the morning to go walking.

The famous mansion is behind this wall

The famous mansion is behind this wall

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I guess those 2 assailants were trying to rob the taxi driver during late night, just in-front of the big house (The famous mansion in Davao). As you know the mansion had been empty for over 5 years now. Somebody lives there, the caretaker only. But the caretaker mostly stays inside. We only see him during early morning watering the plants outside.

So anyway, those 2 robbers were trying to stop the taxi and they were telling the taxi driver that it’s a robbery. Luckily the police patrol was just passing by the taxi and the taxi driver then asked for help. The assailants were trying to run away and also shooting at the police. The police fired back. One assailant was dead, the other got away. One good thing in our subdivision, a few police cars patrol the area a few times a day and night. Many times the police also stayed in the back area that the residents I think are the only one knows. I’m not going to tell where they’re staying so that many residents here in our subdivision will be protected. Like a lot of times when we’re walking we almost always see patrol car roaming around our area. The police also like to eat lunch or snacks in the eatery here in the subdivision.

A week or so ago, while walking for our early morning routine. Me and my niece think that those 2 assailants were the one drinking beer just outside the side of the mansion near our house. They were just sitting on the side of the street having beer. To be honest me and my niece were not scared passing and seeing them there at that time. They’re not staring at us and they’re not making any rowdy remarks. They were just doing their thing. So we never thought of it until the incident.

Luckily almost always during the time that we’re walking some of the people from the other houses were already awake some washing their cars and some were do the same as us walking or jogging and others either going to church or the market. Pretty much our subdivision is kind of busy. I’ve noticed during weekend just past the mansion we can see that people were having parties until morning. So happy that they’re a ways from us because they are a bit loud. I think they’re confident because the building that surrounds them were all businesses.

Really we are confident of walking even with the incident. The more police cars pass by our area now. Like I was standing outside today to wait for a motorcycle for just less than 5 minutes, I saw police car passes by. The police been good in patrolling here anyway. Before when we were walking just within the subdivision we always saw few police car the whole hour that we were walking. I hope that the other assailant will be caught soon. It’s not safe for him to be here anyway. He will be in big trouble if caught alive.

Take care!

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Feyma Martin is a Columnist here on the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine, she is the wife of site Publisher, Bob Martin. Feyma is originally from the Philippines, but went to the USA for 10 years after marrying Bob in 1990. Bob & Feyma moved to the Philippines to live permanently in 2000.

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Greg Smith

Is this one of Ampatuan’s mansions

Thomas Meskey

Where in Davao?

Will N Em

Be extra careful and take care!


At least the police took one of the low lives out. Hopefully the one that got away will think twice about committing a crime now. Or at the very least will leave that area of the city.

Paul Thompson

Crime is everywhere, all we can do is live our lives in a normal way but at the same time be aware of our surrounding.


Thankfully, this sort of thing is very rare here where we live.

Mark Rowell

Imelda…did you see this post?

Imelda Turtur R

Just see this now. Anyway, one if the attempted robbers was caught by the patrolling police. Read the whole story Hon.

Budrick Bias

We had a store robbed at gunpoint a week ago in Dipolog City. He was a friend of mine and my money changer. 8 men hit the store. Two on the street, two handcuffed the guard, two stood by the door and two went in the back at gun point to steal the money. I am in that store all the time.


Guards are useless, a full size Pope statue is a better deterent.

Will N Emee
Will N Emee

Thank you Feyma. Yes we are. We will be back soon with the little man. We have to, Mom not getting any younger anymore and it’s been too long. God bless you all.???

Imelda Turtur R

A rare case in Davao… but the robbers did not succeed. One of them was caught by.the patrolling police.
Please read the whole story. And expect what will happen to this criminals.

Ray Madden

So lucky to having police that patrol neighborhoods there Bob. Here in Gensan they sleeping some where hell they don’t even patrol in day time lol. Not very proactive here which increases crime.


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