My Life of relaxing and enjoying Living in the Philippines

Luke Tynan is LIving in the Philippines Living in the Philippines has been a great move for us! Five years ago this coming August, my wife, Katleen and I decided to try living in the Philippines and moved to Northern Mindanao to live right after I retired. We moved back to her hometown and had already…

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My donations & Philippine Customs

My arrival with luggages full of pasalubongs and donations

The two foreign countries I have enjoyed traveling to are England and in the more recent years The Philippines. As with most or maybe all countries, the entry includes going through Customs. In my experience, there have always been two lanes to go through, the green and the red. The green lane is for nothing…

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A trip to Angeles City

My friends Don and Teody are in from San Diego for a few months and have a house a few minute walk up the street from me. When they visit they’ll normally stay for a few months but Don must make trips to Japan and Korea as part of a working contract. (BTW Don is…

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Safety: USA vs. Philippines

I know that some people will consider this topic to be controversial. But, if you comment and have not watched the video you might not sound very smart! Watch the video and see what I actually have to say, then feel free to leave your comments, whatever it is that you wish. I call ’em…

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Questions Galore from Viewers

It’s another episode of the Expat Answerman Video Cast today! No monologue today, I have several viewer questions that I want to address! We start out today’s show with a question from an anonymous reader! He is wondering about bringing a laptop or other electronic device to the Philippines. The difference in voltage concerns him…

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Online Buying in the Philippines: Lazada vs. AliExpress

Online Buying in the Philippines Safe places to make online purchases in the Philippines If I need to buy something, I would much prefer online buying! It seems that most people feel that way too, online shopping is just so convenient. Given the recent popularity of online buying venues! eCommerce seems to be the way…

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