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A few days ago Bob got home after attending a  meeting with Intel people. He was talking to me about how the meeting went, and continue on saying about the new processors that Intel was creating now. From what I can tell on what he was talking to me about, what Intel created must be really something. He was telling me the speed of it and it was impressive. I’m pretty sure it would be with a hefty price though. Hey, I am not an expert of anything about computers. For me I’m good already as long as I can log in to my computer and don’t have to wait that long to open any sites, and I can surf, I’m already okay with that.

Aaron with Parents
Aaron with Parents

Well, that afternoon when Aaron and Jared came home from school, they went to our room to tell us that they are home. Bob then was talking to Aaron about his meeting that morning. He was telling AJ about Intel’s new gadget thing. I could see the eyes of AJ lit up. I could tell that he’s so interested what was his dad talking about. And Lord have mercy, AJ was talking  to us too about something that he saw on the net about how to increase the speed of his computer to do the games. When he told me the price as if my eyeballs would pop out. It was expensive. And the lingo that he knows about computer I can’t even fathom. As if, it’s out of this world.

I don’t know a thing what he was talking about. My goodness he is not yet in college. His knowledge about computer was already over the top for me. You can tell I am a dummy when it comes to computer. In short I have no knowledge at all. I asked Aaron where did he learn all the stuff about computer, I know that him and his dad talk a lot about computers, but I just didn’t know that he had more knowledge than I expected. He told me “Mom I read a lot on the net when I have time, you know.”  Well I should have known, I saw him on the computer a lot when there is no school. They are allowed to surf the net during weekdays when they have homework from school, other than that no computer during weekdays. During weekends they can surf and play game after homework is done.

Aaron, he is 15 years old but he already had more knowledge on the computer than some other kids his age. He likes to  disassemble and assemble gadget stuff. If I go to the play/computer area upstairs in our house, the center table was just a mess. So many little parts of either computer, radio or some other electronics stuff all over the table. At one point he even fixed their X Box 360. Some of our electronics gadget in the house he will try to fix it before junking it. I don’t really like it, but I guess I have to put up with it for now. That’s how he will learn. :-)

When it comes to troubleshooting on my PC and cell phone I have to rely more on Bob for that. Sometimes AJ will do some too especially upgrading some software. It’s really good to have them around that know a lot about computer. I don’t have to get other people to do it. I hope that Aj will not get tired of working on my pc and his brother’s pc. I think he is enjoying right now since he is learning.

I guess sometime in the near future I will recommend him to work for any of you that have computer problems. He might have his own hotline in the near future 1-800-troubleshoot. :-) Watch out for it!


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Feyma Martin is a Columnist here on the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine, she is the wife of site Publisher, Bob Martin. Feyma is originally from the Philippines, but went to the USA for 10 years after marrying Bob in 1990. Bob & Feyma moved to the Philippines to live permanently in 2000.

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  1. donna west says

    I am like you and Im not very savvy when it comes to figuring out why my pc wont run right. Then its off to our computer tech at the cost of $100 every time. I am sure AJ would have a successful business future using the interest, knowledge and experience he has with computers. good job AJ. you are paving the way to your future.

  2. says

    Hi donna west – Wow a hundred bucks… That’s a lot of money. Oh well, that’s how much you guys pay there, I guess… Luckily here it’s way, way less than that.

    I’m so looking forward for AJ to finish up or should I say gain more knowledge. Then maybe I could be more knowledgeable with computer I hope. :-)…Dreaming!!!

    Thank you for the nice comment for AJ. I really appreciate very much. Good to see you here again.

    Have a pleasant day!

  3. Matthew says

    It’s always good to know computers. However, it has taken the place of family time. Joy and I refuse to allow that to happen. Computers are a tool and nothing more then that. Family is more important then some electronic gadget. I miss the old days were we did things together and talked on the phone. Life was more simple then when we used our brains not computers. Yes there are some good things about computers but not a lot.

    • says

      HI Matthew – I know what you mean. for us the kids has limitations when it comes to using the computer. We can’t really tell them not to use it because nowadays that’s the way how people communicate. Even teachers communicate through to the students through the internet. Computer is so useful to anyone, but its up to the people how to use it.

      Of course family time are the most important and precious time for us too. We make time to be with our kids.

      Thank you so much for the nice comment. Good to see you here.

      Have nice weekend ahead!

  4. Larry Saum says

    Get Used to It Feyma. It goes with the times. My 6-year old grandson turns on his mother’s laptop computer, calls up the internet through her WiFi, and logs in to his lego-games all by himself. One day he was asking for my credit card to enable him to buy a lego toy that he wanted, on the internet, and that was a no.

    • says

      Hi Larry Saum – Wow your grandson is so wise and intelligent. He already know how to use the credit cards at a young age? Ha ha ha, lucky for us our kids not yet into using our credit cards yet. If they want something they can save up and buy it in cash. Keep you credit cards in a safe place. ;-).. Just kidding…

      Thank you so much for stopping by.

      Have a wonderful day!

  5. Bob New York says

    Hi Feyma,

    Concerning the junk all over the table, I am glad you have the right idea, ” he is learning something ” and that is exactly the way I learned many things going back to when I was about 5 years old. You think just the table is a mess with electronic parts, gadgets and other stuff ? My whole room was like that when I was a kid along with wires all over the place ( wireless remote controls were still in the future back then ) .

    Fixing things ? I think thats great. Of course todays electronics and many other things are not designed to be repaired like they used to be, but Aaron can use what he is learning to earn himself some nice pocket change and the more he can earn that way, the less inclined he might be to ask Mom and Dad for some ” assistance ” in buying the latest gadgets he might like to have for himself.

    When I was Aarons age, I could find all sorts of neat things people discarded in the town dump ( not many of those around where I live any more ). I’d fix some of those discarded treasures up and use them myself, sell them at a profit or give them away to people that really needed them.

    When we had company at our house and any of them saw my room, I found out later on in life that they would ask my mom, how could she stand that ” mess ” !. My mom told me she would tell them that I am learning things from all of that junk and it was better than me hanging out in the streets.

    I am so happy that you have similar thoughts that my mom did when I was Aarons age. Yes, he will learn from all of that ” Junk “. The technology may be far advanced from when I was a kid but the basic principles in many ways remain the same ! My first introduction to Digital Communications was back in the 1960’s using ” Junked “, and discarded all mechanical Teletype Machines which I learned how to use to digitally communicate all over the world with, long before the PC and internet could have even been dreamed of by most of us.

    I’d like to thank you for being such a considerate Mom Feyma. The world needs more like you.

    • says

      Hi Bob New York – Yep, something for me to understand right now that he is learning. Good thing that your mom was supportive too. That’s one thing also AJ is a good kid and didn’t give me and Bob headache yet. We are so proud of him.

      Thank you so much for the nice comment. I really appreciate very much. It’s always good to see you here.

      Have a nice day!

  6. peterjoy says

    LOL Boys will be boys ok and like ur boys my boys are the same ok lol part from one think my boy is now 20 and he now wonts his own computer shop and like them i will never for get the first good computer i had it was a 486 now to say would would be so slow but then it was just ok and i did it all my self i sat down and played with it till i did know i got it right so u see we may be 35 then but still a boy at heart lol but sadly today i dont have my own computer but i will still get by ok god bless u and keep up the good work ok…….peter martin

    • says

      Hi peterjoy – Yep, you are right boys will be boys. I’m happy with my other boys too. They really are good kids. Can’t complain about them. We are not perfect, but bob and I are so happy to have them as our sons.

      Ha ha ha 486 computer, that was an ancient ago. :-) lol…

      Always good to see you again Peter. Have a wonderful day mate!

  7. PapaDuck says

    Mrs Feyma,
    Looks like AJ has a bright future in the IT Field. It’s good that he can use his head and has hands to learn and gain valuable knowledge. You just don’t see it that often nowadays. Also limiting time on the computer is always a good thing. Take care and have a nice day.

    • says

      Hi PapaDuck – Looks like it PapaDuck. Hopefully he will continue on and not get tired of it. 😉

      Thank you for the good thoughts, AJ will like the good comments from here.

      Have a pleasant day, take care too!

    • says

      HI Mark G. – You’ll never know. Everything’s possible nowadays! So watch out for it!!!

      Nice to see you. Have a good day!

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