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I was helping my niece take care of some orders on one of our site. We were packing the packages that would be shipped out after our flower guy comes here to our house to deliver the arranged flowers. It was just a simple and regular day for us. Packed the package good in the box and taped it good as well. One of the boxes that we prepared would be a box for an arranged flowers with a vase securely taped inside the box. So while we are waiting for our flower guy, me and my niece were chatting a little bit with the helpers. They really got curious on all the stuff that we were doing. They said they didn’t see flowers yet being shipped out inside the box. Like watching them, they could never believe it. So me and my niece Glenda just told them to wait and see.

Like less than half an hour later our flower arranger guy showed up with a few bouquets of flowers in his hand. Seeing the looks of my helpers confirmed it what they were telling us. When Glenda was holding the bouquets, they asked our flower guy that if the flowers were real flowers? Our flower guy told them that yeah it’s really real. They argued with him that it’s not. So my flower guy took 2 petals and gave each one to both of them and he cut it in front of them using his fingers. Still they didn’t believe him. I had to tell them, for them to believe it. They thought to have the arrangement that my flower guy did, it had to be fake flowers to do it. They never really realized before that nice arrangement can be done with real flowers. Just like what one of my helper comment she saw lots of the flowers in their neighborhood but never in her mind that the real flower arrangement could be that beautiful. See, she lived in Bukidnon with lots of flowers and vegetables growing. It’s really cute that they are so innocent and still learning. It’s fun to be teaching them. Really both my helpers were not so exposed in the city. My helper that came form Bukidnon lived near Father Franco, the Italian priest that we knew in BUDA that has big farm there. He grew all the stuff that they ate there including rabbits. I tasted rabbit for the first there at Father’s place. I will tell you more about it on my blog.

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My other helper, she’s from Sarangani Province. She’s half Bla’an and half Ilonga. It’s fun listening to her when she’s talking to her family. I guess by listening to her I miss my childhood classmates in the farm. I had many Bla’an classmates during my grade school days. It really brought back memory lane for me. Her place that she’s from, some of my family resides in that area too. So it was fun knowing my helpers.

Here at the house, the 2 of them had so much fun learning their firsts here. First time seeing the fancy washing machine, the microwave oven, the kitchenaide mixer, bread machine, really lots of my gadgets in my kitchen and also seeing the different ingredients and spices they saw for the first time here at my house. Of course first time seeing some of the menu that I cooked here and tasted it too first time. Both of them wants to go to school later. Both of them were high school graduates. So that’s easier for them to enroll for college even just a few units per semester, or the weekend class here.

Same as always, I am hoping for the best for these girls. Like I told them always I would not want for them to be maid forever. They really need to finish up their studies and try to get a job of the field they were choosing. They still are young. Big things will come their way if they work really hard and aim what they want in life. Hopefully they will not get married this early and be sorry later. When Bob and I went outside the city proper a few weeks ago, I’ve seen and talked to young girls regretted of marrying at the early age and had kids early. They were sorry that they didn’t finish school and did not enjoy life. So I hope my helpers will not go to that path too.

Have a great day everyone!

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Feyma Martin is a Columnist here on the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine, she is the wife of site Publisher, Bob Martin. Feyma is originally from the Philippines, but went to the USA for 10 years after marrying Bob in 1990. Bob & Feyma moved to the Philippines to live permanently in 2000.

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Both you and Bob seem to have such a “big” heart!
Great story – hearts DO smile!

Thank you!


Mrs Feyma,
It’s really great how you and Bob have treated your helpers and people in general in the community. It won’t be long before your Annual Christmas Giveaway. It will be here sooner than you think. Have a nice day.

Tom N

Good article. You offer good advice to your young helpers. Plenty of time to get married. Best to get more education if at all possible.

Tom N


That is very nice of you Feyma. Your helpers will surely appreciate it. I did and still do. I wouldn’t be where I am if my employers in Manila didn’t help me when I was 16 working for them as a dishwasher at their restaurant and let me go to second year HS at night. Then came to America at 18 working for their daughter and husband as a housekeeper and they drove me to night school to finish my HS. I will never forget them and always thankful. More power to you and Bob.


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