I’m missing my carpenters!

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Since we bought the new washing machine, Bob and I been thinking of getting our carpenter come here and do some work for us outside on our laundry area and the dirty kitchen. We need a good place for our washing machine. The owner of this house already had a place for washing machine, but she did not think for a bigger washing machine though when she had the place built. She was just thinking of the typical washing machine of the Philippines.

The area that she had there was intended for the smaller machine. Really the place that she had in mind was really nice and convenient and it is raised up a step so that the water would drain properly. When we put our machine there the front edge of our machine was hanging off the end of the concrete. Bob and I got scared, whenever the machine will do the spinning the machine might end up on the floor below. That will scare our kids’ pet turtles too, as their home is right next to the washing area. So Bob and I have some plan in mind and wanted to consult our carpenter first.

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So I texted our carpenter Jun Jun for him to come to our house. He texted me back that he might come over the following week. He told me that he might have some work to do at the house of his employer here in Davao. See the employer has big lands and built a mining area and some other stuff somewhere in South Cotabato. So I told Jun Jun since he’s so busy if he can just tell my brother-in-law Jhun what to do and what to buy for the materials then that would be okay for me. He said that he will text me when his employer heads for Davao. Hmmm, that was over a week ago and I still didn’t hear back from him. I talked to my sister and she said that my carpenter really is a busy man and we will just have to wait for now. So I guess will just have to wait for awhile then.

I have some other project in mind for him to do as well while he’s here. He built a nice porch swing for a friend of mine over 2 years ago, when I was hired to renovate the house of our friend before. One of the thing he wanted me to do to have my carpenter built a comfortable and durable swing for him. That will be good for his weight (he’s kinda big), height (being he is tall) and good for the weather on the beach since he lives near the beach. So I researched and talked with my carpenter and let my carpenter draw what we both had in mind. When we showed the sketch/drawing to my friend he really liked what we had in mind. So he gave us a go to build it.  It turned out really nice and fancy. He was so happy with the result. I also had my best painter to do the job of staining the wood. I was so ecstatic with the result. I am sharing the photo for you to judge.

The swing I had in mind for us might be a bit different than what Jun Jun built for my friend. I want an outdoor swing  here in our house. I want that it will be made of like a log kind of wood. I might have it build double that sits maybe 4 people. Will see what Jun would say for my plan. I want it to be build under the tree in our yard. I also want him also to make the swing that can be assemble and disassemble easy that we can bring it with us when we will transfer somewhere. Really, a swing would be a good addition to our yard here. We have a good sized front yard. I might transfer our MindanaoBob Barbecue Grill too in the front after JunJun builds the swing. We like to stay on our porch during afternoon hours. With the swing that would be awesome then.  Just sitting on the swing in the afternoon and hearing the sound of the birds, hmm it felt like living in paradise to me, with a calamansi juice or a mango shake to drink… Great plan…Ha ha ha dream on….

Have to share with you guys my little projects in mind. Thank you for reading.


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Feyma Martin is a Columnist here on the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine, she is the wife of site Publisher, Bob Martin. Feyma is originally from the Philippines, but went to the USA for 10 years after marrying Bob in 1990. Bob & Feyma moved to the Philippines to live permanently in 2000.

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Scott Fortune
Scott Fortune
9 years ago

Feyma, that is a beautiful porch swing! The workmaship looks very good from what I can see in the photos! Nice design, and great job on the carpenter. I can see why he would be very busy. He is in demand because people like his work!

Good luck with your projects!


9 years ago

Looks first class job Fema, Yes get that washing machine set up properly and it will save so much time and energy for you washing your clothes.. With the sun here no need for dryer..It took me 3 months before Gina would use the washer she was so accustomed to doing the clothes by hand, but I finally modernized her heheheh..But she still does some of her clothes by hand… Have fun with your project

scott h
scott h
9 years ago

You know Feyma, you have touched on one of the things I love about the Philippines. The ability to find good quality workmanship that is done for you to your specifications. Wheather it be repairing an old fan or building a swing such as yours. It is as I imagine the states where like in the 30’s 40’s and 50’s, where you actually had a relationship with your what ever service provider you were using.

9 years ago

Mrs Feyma,
It looks like your carpenter did a super job with your porch swing. Very professional. It’s good to have workers you can really count on when you need them. Take care and have a nice day.

9 years ago

That is a nice porch swing, Feyma. Your carpenter did a really great job! I would like to have one of those in my yard.


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