Our mischievous pets in the house!

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You probably saw on Bob’s Facebook photos of our newly made Turtleville. It was really a fun project for the whole family. It all started a few days before our Anniversary. My brother-in-law Jhun came here for a job that we wanted him to do for one of our businesses. It took him 2 days for that job. I told him after his work for the business, I had projects for him to do. For one, I would like for him to build a bigger place for our turtles, so that they could roam around instead of just in that small plastic tub that were in.

So Jhun started the project that I wanted him to do. He bought the cement and pebbles and other stuff. So while Jhun was finishing up with the “turtle swimming pool” Bob asked Jhun if he could make the pool have an opening with a ramp to go down, that the turtle could go in and out easily. Bob wanted the turtles to go down and have room to roam around. So we decided to use some big rocks, like bolders, that we had in our yard for the fence. They really are huge rocks and very heavy too. So we settled for that. While the new pool was drying, Jhun started moving the big rocks with our help. Later that afternoon the pool was safe for the turtles to go in, so we put them inside. Soon enough Chuckie (the big turtle) figured out right away how to get down the ramp. We were so confident they would not get out of our rock fence that we built (arranged really) for them. Shocking to say but it just took Chuckie less than 30 minutes to figure it out how to get out of the rocks. Gosh he’s so tricky. Few times he fell on his back but he knows how to flip over to his tummy again.

Tagalog Buddy

That’s when Bob decided we will make a bamboo fence for them. Chuckie was on a hunt to look  for a place to escape the new bamboo fence. He is so restless. We we’re so confident that we built the nice bamboo fence, (duh),  but the next morning, I was just sitting on our porch talking to my sister on the phone. I saw Chuckie almost got out of the fence. He climbed next to the tub with his other legs on the bamboo fence and just keep moving up and his head was already on the other side of the fence. In shock I was screaming to Jhun that Chuckie’s almost out. That problem was fixed for now. He is trying to climb at the roots of the tree, but he didn’t make it yet. Thank God for that.

Today I saw our cat Sputnik climbed inside the turtle kingdom. She’s  the other mischievous pet in the house. I was just observing her. I thought she might hurt the turtle but I guess she was just watching the turtles for now. Not sure if she will do something if we are not watching. I’m not sure what would Chuckie learn from Sputnik in the long run. Sputnik really knows how to get our attention. She knows how to show other cats what to do. Whenever she’s sleeping in one of the kids’ bedroom, come morning like after 5 am and no one was up, she will meow near the door, if no one will get up and opened the door for her she will bite somebody’s toes if out in the blanket. If no one still listening to her meow she will then go near the ear of the person and meow louder. If no one still listening she will push important stuffs on top of the side table especially cell phone. That will get the kids’ attention then. She also knows how to wake Bob and I. If it is past wake up time and no one gives them food, she will knock/pound our door to make sure we know that she’s out there calling. Problem is, she knows I am usually up early and feed them. So if I’m late she will be outside our door knocking and meowing.

Every morning now Bob and I sit near the turtle kingdom and just watch our Chuckie and Sputnik. It’s kind of our stress reliever. We are now thinking of putting some new projects soon.

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Feyma Martin is a Columnist here on the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine, she is the wife of site Publisher, Bob Martin. Feyma is originally from the Philippines, but went to the USA for 10 years after marrying Bob in 1990. Bob & Feyma moved to the Philippines to live permanently in 2000.

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8 years ago

Love the photos! Thanks for sharing… 😛

8 years ago

Hi Feyma, You’ve got quite a managerie there! Animals can be a lot of work sometimes, but fun and entertaining too. I think that Sputnik is a calico and I think sometimes called a money cat. My sister once had one, and she was very smart and mischievous too. I was thinking of getting a indoor-outdoor cat. Is it hard to maintain a cat in the Philippines as far as fleas and possible illnesses? I see that you guys have no trouble, but just wondered if there are special considerations to keep in mind. Don’t see many cat owners–mostly dogs… Read more »


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