Definitely the unwanted guest in our house!!!

Today, it is a weekend here and I was doing my daily routine, getting up early in the morning. I like to water the plants that early because the water pressure is so strong.

Then while I was watering the plant my brother-in-law Jhun and Nicole came, I guess they already woke up ahead of me. So I gave Jhun the keys for our gates to be opened. After he did that he then took some broom and started to sweep the front yard since we had so many fallen leaves right now. Then we will burn it later when its dark to take some mosquitoes away. After all of these jobs in the front, I asked Jhun to buy the bread for our breakfast for all of us. While Nicole and Jhun (he is the dad of Nicole) went to buy the bread I went in the back to wash the floor there.

Jhun is the Snake Whisperer
Jhun is the Snake Whisperer

See Jhun came over here to our house to work for the place where to put our washing machine. If you guys remember Bob post an article about us getting a good deal on a washing machine like a month or so ago. So that’s one of the reason why Jhun came here. He is done with that and now and working on some other stuff that needs get done here at the house like putting shelves on cabinets in the kitchen, girls room, boys room and the kitchen. We can’t make that other project yet the swing since the real carpenter can’t come to Davao right now. He really is well guarded by his employer. He has to finish up the big projects with them first, before they allow him to go get other projects. Anyway, I’m okay with that since I am still debating about the projects I had in mind.

So while waiting for our early breakfast the kids were still sleeping except for Nicole. I went outside in the back of the house to see if I could start cleaning up and maybe let the kids finished it up later. I saw some of Jhun’s tools that he was using tucked away in one corner. Some woods and ply board on the floor. I could also see our dirty clothes were already sorted by my niece the night before for her to do the laundry after she wakes in the morning. See the operator of our washing machine it’s just my niece Bebe and me. So that no blaming if the machine got damage.

When I saw the dirty clothes in different buckets on the floor for the washing machine, I lifted and transferred each bucket to a different area so that I can wash the floor. One of the buckets I lifted had kind of hollow underneath but still closed on top. So I lifted that and the plate for the dogs food. When I turned around I didn’t even look back right away.  When I’m getting ready to return to retrieve more buckets I could tell that our dog started barking, just then I realized we had an unwanted guest in our house it’s a snake.

Sputnik is very cautious
Sputnik is very cautious

Let me tell you I really freaked out. Gosh, I hates snakes. Sorry to all of you snake lovers. The snake was curling and so comfortable there underneath the bucket. I was debating on going inside to tell Jhun or should I hit it now with the wood. But then I was also scared the snake might get away. So I called up on Jhun to come to the back of the house. Luckily Nicole overheard me calling her dad. So she told her dad to go to the back. While calling Jhun I was also looking for a good piece of wood to pound the snake. When Jhun saw me I immediately told him to kill the snake. When he saw the kind of snake that we had, he told me not to kill it he will just capture it and gave it to somebody. I told him are you really serious? I don’t want snakes in the house. He said oh no people want these kind of snakes for a pet. I told him not in my household. He said I bet you money if you just go outside your gate and try to give this snake to the passersby they will take it. I was kind of doubting I thought most people really don’t want snakes for a pet. I guess that’s just me talking.

Before Jhun gave the snake away for free I woke all the kids up and let them see what we have in the back. They were shocked and scared. I really thought Aaron would want it. A few years ago that’s what he wanted for pet. He was begging his dad and me to have one. Luckily Bob thought of bringing him to the Crocodile Park to see the big snake there if he really wanted to have that big of snake later. Well, when we got there, Bob held one of those big pythons and he let Aaron hold the tail. Let me tell you, I’m glad we brought him there and let him see what the snakes looks like when they get bigger.  He would not even dare touch the snake. After that he told us he doesn’t want snake for a pet. Thank God for it.

I had some photo of the snake, even our very love kitty, Sputnik didn’t like to have that snake here. She’s scared of it. Can’t blame her.

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Feyma Martin is a Columnist here on the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine, she is the wife of site Publisher, Bob Martin. Feyma is originally from the Philippines, but went to the USA for 10 years after marrying Bob in 1990. Bob & Feyma moved to the Philippines to live permanently in 2000.

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  1. Scott Fortune says

    Feyma, I’m not much of a lover of snakes either, but I don’t mind holding them if they are reasonably harmless. Where I live we don’t really have poisonous ones, just only a Michigan Rattlesnake, but they are very rarely seen. I’ve lived my entire life and have seen only one. We have other kinds of snakes, called Garter snake, which is common and harmless. If it did bite you it might hurt only a small amount as their teeth are used only in swallowing their prey. We used to play with them as children and scare our mom. She is DEATHLY afraid of snakes. Oh, the screams she would make! LOL!!! I know, bad kids, but it is what we did to our mom as they say, “boys will be boys”. Which is a simple way of saying, boys get into trouble! :) Do you know what kind of snake it was? It looks like a baby boa constrictor or python. I don’t know which is in your country.

    Either way, I’m sure you’re glad it is gone!! Have fun with your laundry!

    • says

      Hi Scott Fortune – Honestly I don’t care if they are harmless or not, I just don’t want any snakes here in the house. I think my brother-in-law was thinking of having that snakes as a pet. But my sister had the same feelings that I have, NO snakes ever as pet in the house. So he can’t really argue with my sister, it will be killed in no time.

      I saw this kind of snake (it’s huge already) in the cage at the famous park here in Davao Crocodile Park. My brother-in-law said that the snake was a python.

      I think my boys were also scared of the snake. Aaron I think touch the tail of the snake. I think the most they will do will be just touching. I don’t think they like to hold snakes. Ha ha ha,,, just like their mom. lol…

      Thank you for stopping by. Good to see you here again!

  2. liz says

    Hi Feyma,

    We share the same dislike of snakes…. :) Your story reminds me when I was 8 years old…I found a Phil cobra neatly curled in one of the corners of our living room…LOL…I thought it was just a thick rope that my grandma kept……It was obviously sleeping and I was really trying to figure out whether it was a rope or snake so I really came close to it and decided to touch it….I also sat beside it and bent down more to see it clearly….but whenever my hand would almost touch it, I really felt it was a snake LOL so I would stand up and begin to walk away to call someone, then I would sit and try to touch it again…Finally I decided it might be a snake so I called grandma……… grandma was a very brave and tough woman, she killed it using a bolo……..thanks goodness…..

    • says

      Hi liz – I know the feeling… lol… It took me awhile to figure it out also if it’s snake or not that I saw there in the backyard.

      Your encounter with the cobra reminds me with the first time I saw cobras. At our farm, at the back of our house, we had a storage area (bodega). Underneath the piled woods was mother cobra with her brand new babies. She was really so protective of her babies. It took a lot of people to kill them. I am so scared really of any kind of snakes. Just not the pet for me in mind… Ha ha ha…

      Good to see you here. Keep reading.

      Have a wonderful day!

  3. Louis says

    It looks like a baby reticulated python. They are native to the Philippines, and can grow quite large. I personally have two ball pythons – fun pets, but they do not grow so large.

    • says

      Hi Louis – That’s what my brother-in-law said that its a python. But I saw that same or similar color and the design of his skin at the Crocodile Park here. The one I saw at the park was already huge though. So the one in our yard could grow that big too. My brother-in-law was right when they (my kids went with him) offer that snakes just at the corner of our street, people were running towards my brother-in-law to get the snake.

      Is there few kinds of pythons?

      Nice to hear from you. Keep reading here.

      Have a pleasant day!

  4. says

    Yeah, me too Bob 😉 Although, this year we have had more bears in the city of Anchorage. Been in here since 1974 and this is a first. We rarely saw any bears within the city limits. Saw a black bear a month ago walking down the street on my block as I was coming home. Tired getting a photo with my phone but was to dark. I can never seem to remember to put my canon camera in my car. Guess I need more b12 vitamins lol.

  5. Jim Hannah says

    Well we have plenty of snakes here in Australia too Feyma, but there is plenty of uninhabited open woodland for them, so we don’t often see them in and around our homes.

    I always say to people that seeing a snake isn’t a bad thing; it’s the ones you don’t see that are the problem!

    • says

      Hi Jim Hannah – I wish the snakes here would stay away from the house. Definitely we don’t want them in our house though.

      ***it’s the ones you don’t see that are the problem!***…. That’s for sure. Can’t argue on that.

      Thank you fro your comment. Good to see you again here.

      Have a great day!

    • RandyL says

      Jim, while walking some acreage one day with an elderly seller client (she was about 85yo), we were discussing this a that and the topic of snakes came up. She says “There are two kinds of snakes I don’t like”. So I asked which types of snakes and she replied “live ones and dead ones!” Puzzled, I admitted I was also afraid of snakes but said “I see no reason to be afraid of a dead snake.” She says “honey, it don’t matter none whether it’s live or dead…when you walks up on one just laying there, it still scares the bejesus out of you just the same!” 😉

  6. says

    On my recent visit to Lipa City, at my fiance’s house I found a large …as in 8 to 10 inches long and thick around… lizard hiding under her patio sofa. My fiance’ didnt think it was native to Luzon and maybe had been captured elsewhere by a local and escaped. Ive been told that some of the lizards are rumored to have healing properties for HIV infections and are captured to make medicine. Does anyone know what kind of lizard that was and is it native to Luzon?

    • says

      Hi mark – Been seeing some big lizards here in Mindanao too the small and the big kind. I’m not sure if we have more lizards here than in Luzon since you said that your fiance never saw a big lizard in that part of the country. Some places in Mindanao had big lizards that they will take the blood and sell them for medicine. Can’t remember the names of those lizard. My sister had one of those lizard in there house. My brother-in-law don’t want anybody touching the them. He said to leave the lizard alone.

      I’m not also a fan of lizard. But I don’t kill them. Our cats do that for us.

      Nice to see you here.

      Have a good day!

  7. says

    I’ve seen several rattle snakes while mountain biking here in Texas over the years. It freaks me out every time ! Yes Feyma I too dun care for the slitherers.

    • says

      Hi Pete – Is there some poisonous ones in that area? We have some here in the Philippines.

      Yep snakes, just not what we have in mind for a pet. Yikes! :-)

      Thank you so much for the comment.

      Have a wonderful day!

      • says

        yup rattle snakes are the poisonous type. I came home from work today to fin a HUGE terrarium in my boy’s room with a lizard thing. yuck. well at least is no snake. ugh. lol.

  8. Robert says

    Hi Feyma,
    My wife doesn’t like snakes either, nor spiders. You mentioned a fire to keep mosquitoes away. Are mosquitoes a problem where you are? In trips to my wife’s hometown (Bicol) I was never bothered by any flying insects. We always went out for evening walks after supper and unlike summer nights here in Minnesota, where the mosquitoes are relentless, it was much more enjoyable.

    • says

      Hi Robert – Can’t blame her too. Just a bunch of mosquitoes outside during night time though. But not inside our house. We like to burn the leaves of the trees anyway to keep other bugs out too.

      Thank you for your comment. Keep reading here.

      Have a great day!

  9. donna west says

    Feyma, your story sent my skin slithering. but I am really not that afraid of snakes of the small size of that one. The really big ones are pretty scary looking especially when you think of what they can do with a body and a mouth that size. snakes are good for the balance of nature though and will eat small rodents which also are a nuisance to us. It is lucky for the little guy that Jhun was close by to remove him to a safer place and everything turned out ok for everyone.

    • says

      HI donna west – Just thinking of that snakes really makes my skin crawl. Big or small snakes, I’m just not a big fan of them.

      Yep, good thing Jhun was here to help out get rid of that little snake in the backyard.

      Have a good day!

  10. Rey says

    That’s one fine beautiful snake. It’s good you did not try to kill it first before calling someone else to handle it. :)

  11. says

    Hi Feyma

    I’m really terrified of snakes. I dont even like seeing them in pictures or on TV.

    I have been doing voluntary library work at Bethany for almost 4 years now. I help the primary school children with their oral reading and comprehension. Early this year, while getting ready to wrap up my last class for the day, I noticed something under one of the study tables. It looked like a long black piece of ribbon with a yellow design in the middle so I thought someone dropped their school ID. When I bent down ready to pick it up, i then noticed it was a snake when it moved towards me in a letter S direction. I withdrew my hand straightaway, jumped back and run outside the library as fast as I could in panic. Once outside I realised that I’ve left the children still inside. I called the janitor and told him about the situation. I told him which area the snake was and he went inside the library with a rake, while from the doorway I shouted instruction to the children to come out double time as there’s an emergency. The children never knew what the fuss was all about until later when the janitor came out with the dead snake coiled around the rake.

    Since that incident, I’m now very consious whenever I’m on library duty at Bethany. Whenever I arranged the books back on the shelves, I deliberately make some stumping noise. I was told that snakes are deaf but they could feel the vibration on the ground and when they do they move away. But I’m still paranoid that I can’t even bring myself to use the toilets there anymore. I would rather cross my legs than stump my feet in that area :-)

    • says

      HI Marilou – That would scare the heck out of me too. I can’t blame you for running away. Good thing the kids were safe too. I saw the Bethany place before. Really beautiful and cooler place. It won’t surprised me to know to have some snakes there somewhere since it is surrounded by trees, but not inside though. I’ve seen how secure that place with screen in the windows and doors. I hope no snakes where those kids inside sleeping or playing.

      I guess the janitors there now checks the inside of the building pretty regularly. I really enjoyed our visit there. Hope to come back there and see those kids there again. Aaron really fell in love with two babies there and he wants us to take those babies home with us. But I was happy to know at that time that those babies that Aaron was interested in were getting ready to head for the USA for adoption. It was really great and honor to see the founder of that place before she passed away. What a great lady to sacrifice for her love of the kids in that area. Hope to see you guys there again someday.

      Take care Marilou and hi to Jim.

      Have a wonderful day!

  12. Neal in RI says

    Nice story but, I am glad you posted this article after I bought our Plane Tickets to Davao.
    Linda is a HATER when it comes to Snakes, or any other creepy crawly things, and god forbid there is a Nightcrawler on the ground after a heavy rain, she will avoid walking near it like the plague.

  13. Opus says

    Wouldn’t advocate killing the snake, but it is best to be safe than sorry. I was riding on one of my favorite California trails. Almost ran over a snake. Figured it was a harmless. No big deal for me. Noticed another cyclist had stopped to look at the snake so I went back to investigate. He identified it as a small rattlesnake and I nearly fainted. Brave, I was not!

  14. petejoy says

    lol feyma

    looks to me u are not using ur filipina mind but ur usa one ok or if u was girl u would have been giving that snake to u cook and bob would have had a lovely dinner that night ok as i have eat a lot off funny things in my times over there ok and one off them i am yet to try is snake andi am hoping soon to eat some soon as it is one off them things i love to eat ok as there is not a lot i have not eaten here at home ok birds roo and a lot more if i had the time to tell u and every one i love and that also go for frogs ok and shell fish as well…….peter martin tassie

  15. Mark G. says

    I’m not a big fan of snakes either but I do find them fascinating. They have their place in the food chain and can be quite beneficial, eliminating pests and such. I used to take my dog swimming in a large pond near where I grew up in New England. He was a beagle and loved the water. I had to take him to the other side of the pond as dogs were not allowed on the beach. We found a nice rocky outcrop on the other side and he would swim as long as I let him, almost to the point of exhaustion, lol. One day I noticed some old and rather large snake skins had been scrubbed off on the rock. I could tell by the coloring they belonged to a type of poisonous snake called a ‘water moccasin’. I never saw the snake but he must have been at least one meter long judging by his skin. Needless to say our swimming at that pond ended that day!

  16. Philip says

    Good Morning Feyma,
    wow I thought I was leaving all the snakes behind here I did not know you
    had snakes there as well I will have to check the wildlife there. I sent Bob a letter a few months ago telling him when we had a flood I had to go to school to get there on our farm you had to walk through water up to your neck and it was in summer so the brown snakes are swimming right next to you and that was scary one bite from them you are serious trouble. Then one day still in summer I had to get my work boots out of my cupboard and when I opened the door there was a huge snake curled in there I nearly had a heart attack, so mum said Philip can you go and collect the eggs from the chook pen, so being a good boy then walked over to the pen and went inside just as I was about to reach for eggs I looked in the box and there was a huge brown snake curled up looking back at me. Another time on our property we had pigs so it was my job to feed them and carrying two buckets one afternoon I walked near the grain she and bang on the bucket a brown snake lashed out and bit the bucket near my leg I nearly died of fright thank god for the bucket Feyma. There are so many funny things I can remember with them even though here they are deadly if you get bitten. One night in my previous job I got called to a poor old lady on night shift. She had a prize parrot in her backyard on the porch, this was at 3am in the morning, when I got there there was a huge python wrapped around the cage trying to eat the parrot. I said I don’t want to hurt it and she kept screaming waking all the neighbours up and making me nervous as well. I said we have nothing to get it with, so my friend he said get some cooking tongs long handle ones, so the lady gave me some and I said to my partner I will grab it and you throw a blanket over it so I tried this with the lady still screaming and it opened it’s mouth and tried to bite me. So I said lets get it with the blanket quickly which we did we through it in the back of the truck and calmed the lady down and drove off. We then had an emergency call and had to put someone in the back of the truck and we forgot in the process of the snake so when we were driving we turned the light on for the person and he nearly had a heart attack LOL anyway that was a very funny night take care

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