Schedule Time, it’s more fun in the Philippines!

I’m using the slogan of the Philippines right now, “it’s more fun in the Philippines.”

Why? It just dawned on me of whats going on with us a couple of weeks ago. Almost a month ago our daughter Jean told Bob and I that she found a gown that she likes for their Junior prom. Bob and I saw how she really liked the gown, you can just see it in her eyes. So the next day I told her that when she gets home from school we will go to the gown shop and we will rent that gown for her.

So my niece Bebe and I went to the gown shop since Jean was still in school having volleyball practice. Anyway, when I saw the gown, I can’t blame Jean for liking the gown, because it’s really is gorgeous and stunning. I can’t wait for her to wear it. So I paid the rent for it and told the owner of the date of the prom night. According to Jean its going to be on February 24th,2012. So I booked the gown for the said date. The owner said that it includes hair and make up for the price. I really like the deal and I felt its cheaper than I thought with the combination of gown, hair and make up. So the gown was set to be used by Jean on the 24th of February.

Prom Gowns:  More fun in the Philippines?
Prom Gowns: More fun in the Philippines?

Well, a little over a week ago Jean just informed us that the prom night might be moved to the 17th of February. We were shocked. Wow, I told Bob how many parents does he thinks already rented a gown or tux for their kids? He just said probably a lot.  For me it’s inconsiderate of them not to inform us right away. And guess what that was over a week ago, until now they didn’t tell the kids yet what the date for sure for the prom night. Like right now we are still in limbo. Is it going to be on the 24th on the original plan or the 17th? It kind of annoyed me. I payed already for the gown. We might lose out on our down payment for the gown if they won’t hurry up here, not just that somebody already rent the gown that Jean wants on the 17th. It really bugged the hell out of me that they didn’t inform us right away what really their plan is. Like when we went back to the gown shop early last week somebody already signed up for that gown on the 17th. I know how Jean really likes that gown. I hate for her to not have that. She was really excited to have that gown though.

Jean is looking forward to the Prom!
Jean is looking forward to the Prom!

I was gonna call the school and do a little bit of talking with them.  I know they would not like it. I already complained something to them last year. I could tell they didn’t like it. I don’t want Jean to be in the middle of it, so I just keep my mouth shut right now. We’ll see when would I stay calm about it. That’s one of the differences between the school here and the States. In the States, on the first day of school the teacher will hand the parents all the schedules of activities on that school year. Here they will hand it to the students later, in some schools. Some schools you will have to keep on guessing for the schedule. It’s kind of the norm here. I am used to it now with my kids and nieces and nephews  in school.

Oh well, we’ll see when we will know the real schedule of Jean’s junior prom. We already know when Aaron’s Junior prom is since last year. It’s going to be on February 17th. If ever Jean’s prom happen to be on the same date as Aaron, the Martin’s house will be as busy as the bee. It’s either Bob or our nephew will drive Jean and Aaron to the venue.

February really is going to be busy month for us here with Valentines Day, the junior prom for the kids and Bob’s 50th birthday. Wow big events. It’s really more fun for us here in the Philippines!


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  1. John Miele says

    Feyma: Honestly no experience with prom dresses other than trying to get the wearers out of them. But I’m guessing it’s like wedding dresses that you can’t just get it done in an hour or two… Really inconsiderate of the school to do that.

    Hope she has fun at her prom… Something she’ll remember fondly.

    • says

      Hi John – Yes its true. We got the prom gown at the wedding shop. They also catered to prom event and debut party and other stuff.

      Anyway, for sure very inconsiderate of the school wanting to change the date.

      I’m sure she will have fun on her prom night. She already had a date too. I think its her school mate in same year. ;-)… The teacher chose the partner for each student. They will have a dance presentation. She’s been practicing with her other classmates and schoolmates. I’m sure she will enjoy that night.

      Thank you John.

  2. Jim H says

    That’s awful. I guess you could buy the dress, or one like it, and rent it out yourself and make a profit on it??

    I’d not be able to resist explaining to the school principal that they were causing parents problems due to their lack of forward planning, clearly were not capable of running a school, and should obviously resign forthwith. :-)))) Well, maybe I’d just bite my tongue instead.

    • says

      Hi Jim H – I know, really awful. Nah, I don’t want to buy a gown and spent too much and just wear it once. It’s not worth having it made and rented it out for us.

      I really want to go and talk to the in-charge of the school. But as you know here they might take out their anger to the kid. I was going to wait a little longer. Finally a day or two ago Jean told us that the in-charge told them that the prom will be on the first date they set on the 24th. Good thing they finally made the final decision. Thank goodness.

      Glad to see you here. Have a good weekend!

      • Endica says

        Hi Feyma, kabayan here. I was amused when you stated how you’re not willing to spend money on a gown that will only be used once, you definitely are a lady after my own heart! I have 3 daughters myself, I remember their prom nights (junior & senior proms!) and how expensive their gowns were. At the time, there were no rent-a-gown places…or there may have been, my husband and I were just not aware. I’ve always encouraged my girls to attend their proms because it’s the one thing about high school that they will always remember with fondness. Please, people, no wisecracks about the notoriety of after-prom-parties because believe it or not, there are still many decent young men and young ladies out there who only want clean fun. I enjoy your blog, Feyma it keeps me connected to the motherland.

  3. Steve Maust says

    Seems like you will be having a busy month! Hope the Prom night turns out fine. I am sure Jean will enjoy it whatever date it is. It seems like that is the problem on many occasions in the Philippines. No one can set an exact date.
    Bob 50! Come on you have to be kidding!

    • says

      HI Steve – For sure a very busy month for us, but an exciting one too. Can’t wait to see the kids on the prom night. Ha ha ha… Memories flooding on my head remembering my high school days. :-)

      And yes, Bob’s going to be a half century old in over a couple of weeks time. I’m sure his excited for that. 😉 lol…

      Thank you so much for stopping by. Good to see you here again.

      Have a good weekend!

  4. Papa Duck (Randy W.) says

    Mrs Feyma

    I’m glad Jeans prom date didn’t change, since she really likes the dress and Aarons prom is on Feb 17th. I know you and Bob are very proud of them and they will look great all dressed up. Looking forward to photos of them. Bob hitting the Big 50. Look at it the way i do. I stopped having birthdays after that lol. Have a nice day.

  5. sugar says

    Hi Ms. Feyma- Oh yeah, teenagers in the house! he he.. prom usually takes place Feb.. and exciting for both AJ and Jean… hmm, so is it the same in the movies where in parents would interview the prom dates? he he :). Hope they have fun! I’m sure Jean will look pretty in her favorite gown!

  6. says


    I can certainly relate to the lack of planning. I have 4 kids in an “International School” and while the curriculum might be international, the operation is definitely Filipino. I have spoken up a few times over the last couple of years, but in one case in particular I could not hold my tongue. We went for a school event at the cinema at the local SM. Since I had 4 kids performing at different times, my wife and I were accompanied by her mother and 3 yayas.

    When we got there they told us that it was only 2 tickets per family and I would have to pay 400 pesos for the extras. I said why did you not tell us that before? I showed them the notice from the previous week that didn’t say that. They said it was on the notice sent out yesterday, which I had not seen. At this point I could not control myself. I told them that was ridiculous. It was not about the 400 pesos, it was the principle of the matter. Why cant they prepare simple notice properly the first time?

    I asked the teacher at the sign in desk if when I pay my tuition next year whether it would be one per family also. She replied if course not. I asked them to call the principal of the school who was not there yet so I could talk to her. After a few minutes they came over with 4 extra tickets and said that they had forgotten that I was one of the exceptions they made the day before and the teacher at the desk forgot that in the hectic sign-in (of about 5 families .) I let them save face with their alibis and noticed the principle would not catch my eye during the event.

    I wasn’t thinking about how they might take it out on the kids but it doesn’t look like they done so. I guess after working at an international school they are a bit used to it. I will think about that next time and try to be more diplomatic!


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