It has grown – Can you Help?

Children showing me around

In the past, I have mentioned briefly about a project that I started about 11 years ago this September.   Bob has invited me to give an update. I was asked if I could tutor a niece who was having problems with her schoolwork.  At the time, my schedule was very flexible and she had access…

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A Funny Name

Is that really her name

The visitor had a Funny Name She didn’t know it was funny About a decade or so ago a Japanese expat friend of mine told me a story that was very funny. I thought I would share the story with you today. My Japanese Expat Friend This story was relayed to me by a friend…

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A Free Ride in the Philippines?

Paul Thompson - is he drinking beer or having computer trouble?

My granddaughter started when she was four years old taking ballet lessons, (Not her idea) But, I was at all her recitals no matter how exciting they were. But she was cute and tried very hard at it. It just didn’t work out. (Sadly no beer was sold at ballet recitals) Her next foray was…

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How many children do you have?

In most countries this is an easy question. In the Philippines as well as other Asian countries this can be a little harder to answer. Bob and I have talked several times about something I have been doing that makes that question a little harder to answer. He said I could talk about it in…

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Questions galore from Karl! EAM

Karl is confused

Karl is confused.  Maybe even dazed and confused.  But, you know what, there is nothing wrong with that.  After all, Karl is young, still a student, and he is having a difficult time deciding on the path he wants to take with his life. Karl has been going to school preparing to become a doctor.…

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Tell me about the Education System in the Philippines. EAM

School Teacher

Hey, EAM0009?  That’s the Expat Answer Man podcast, episode 9.  What happened to Episode 7 and Episode 8?  If you missed those, they are available to members on the Expat Island Website!  EAM0007 is here, and EAM0008 is here. If you enjoy the Podcast, or if you think that there is need for improvement, could you…

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